Zygi, the quiet village by the sea

quiet village zygi beach

Zygi is a small, quiet village that has a nice beach and lots of fish taverns. What makes it special to me is the road that takes you there, because it goes close to the sea and lets you discover new beautiful places to add to the visiting list any time of the year. 

So, if you want a different kind of holiday on the island, you can at least pay it a visit or even set up your base here.

Zygi is situated between Larnaca and Limassol and the access road to get there is a good one. The view is nice since the road goes along the shore in many places. 

You have here the harbor that it looked to me more populated with the fisherman’s boats and then there is the big harbor, for the oil ships. Instead of that, the water looks good in the area.

On your way to Zygi you will find at some point, kind of in the middle of nowhere,  Maia beach bar. It looks nice and I am sure it is worth stopping there for a coffee or a cold drink!

Quiet village, not on the tourist map

If you will check the info on Wikipedia, you will find out that the area is booming with tourism, and the harbor area is very busy. I’ve been there twice there this summer, but the place looks more deserted than populated…

So, in my opinion, it should be perfect for those who want a quiet and more virgin area.

The main beach looks nice, and I have the feeling that at the weekends it is not that quiet.

The explosion in 2011

If nobody knew about Zygi before, everybody on the island found out about it on July 11, 2011. That morning there was a huge explosion of ammunition at Evangelos Florakis Navy Base. People died, all the houses in the village were damaged, and we had problems with electricity on the island for the rest of the year.

What else to check in the area

If you plan a day trip in the area, be sure to stop in Meneou and Pervolia. Both have similar kinds of beaches. And by that, I mean not crowded.

📌 Discover more about the area Pervolia, the kings home

If you are not a good swimmer, then I think you should think twice before you go in the water, since most of these places don’t have a lifeguard, and the sea might look calm, but you never know…

If you are interested in more quiet places, it is possible you are not tempted to visit the Camel Park in Mazotos, but I will still add it here, just in case, since it is in the area 😊

📌If I made you curious –  Camel Park Mazotos. Open all year around

Now I will just let the pictures convince you to visit Zygi!

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