Why go to the Strawberry Festival? Because…

strawberry festival

Because at the Strawberry Festival you will receive strawberries, strawberry liqueur, and pancakes for free, to test them. Because you will listen to good music and you will be able to dance, sit on the grass if you want and enjoy the atmosphere!

So if you’re going to the island for the next Strawberry Festival, I’d say put it on your #mustdo list when you’re in Cyprus!

What I found there in 2023

Rivers (or waves) of people came to the festival in Deryneia. The strawberry pancake was waiting for me right at the entrance.

As I stood in line, I admired the dexterity of the one who “packaged” them on the conveyor belt. That boy deserves a substantial bonus for speed and dexterity! 😁

And to put you in the “festival mood”, the organizers even offered a shot of strawberry liqueur to all those who wanted it right at the entrance.

The picture with the strawberry

Once ready for fun, the picture with the strawberry mascot followed. It was in high demand, especially among the older ones. The little ones were attracted to the strawberry fairy house, with which they had something to do all evening.

The potato – the star at the Strawberry Festival!!!

It would have been the strawberry festival, but everyone stopped by the souvlaki stand! You just don’t eat dessert on an empty stomach!!! 7 euros per portion, an absolutely decent price.

Then, the most sought-after and tasted was also the POTATO. Put on a stick and cut in spirals, and then immersed in an oil bath… we were all walking around the stadium with potato in hand!

So, my conclusion was that in Cyprus, especially in the Famagusta area, the potato rules! Too bad I haven’t found a festival for it yet!

There was no shortage of chocolate dipped strawberry, strawberry on tart, and at the end, if you still wanted it, you also had strawberry decoration and strawberry jewel!

Clean and civilized

For some of you, it may be normal, some may not even notice, but I have a “fixation” with the way people behave at a festival. Well, at the Strawberry Festival, you didn’t see a bit of disorder. Everything was thrown into the garbage cans placed everywhere and which were periodically emptied.

As crowded as it was during the concert, the atmosphere was super pleasant.

🚩Inspiration if you want to visit the area – Must see in Ayia Napa & Protaras

When can you go to the Strawberry Festival?

The Strawberry Festival is organized once every two years by the Deryneia Town Hall. It is only a few kilometers from the tourist areas of Ayia Napa and Protaras and the easiest way to get there is by rental car or taxi. Locals love festivals, so if you want a parking spot, come somewhere after 6 pm. Otherwise, good luck finding a free place to leave your car.

Save the date for 2025, of course!

strawberry festival

strawberry festival patato

strawberry festival pancakes

strawberry festival

strawberry festival

strawberry festival


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