Where to eat: Koumbaris fish tavern, Zygi

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It is good to know locals who like to discover good places to eat. That’s how we ended up in Zygi, looking for a fish tavern.

Koumbaris Fish Tavern is located by the sea and doesn’t say much if you look at it. But the food here and the price you pay for what you get are worth a visit.


Koumbaris Fish Tavern is next to the fisherman’s harbor in Zygi village. Nothing fancy, but we were there to enjoy the food and the view. You can easily get a table right by the sea if it is not busy.

And the good part is that after they bring you the food, they will just leave you be.

Zygi is a village between Larnaca and Limassol.

Don’t eat before you go to a fish tavern!

Be sure you go to this place on an empty stomach. And even so, there is a big chance you will end up going home with some takeaway. That is what happened to us when we went there.

And apparently, if you order meze it will happen to many of you.

Prices at this fish tavern

Fish meze was always more expensive than meat meze. Even before the pandemic and before all the prices went crazy, you would have to pay around 20 euros per person for a dish like this.

That is why I think that 28 euros per person is a fair price for what you get to eat here.

What you get

The thing with meze, fish or meat, is that it always looks like there is almost nothing in the small plates that they will bring you. Until you start eating. And eating. And eating. If you choose a good place to have your meal, then you will leave from there with some food for home as well.

This is what our last meze was like:


tahini, olives, tarama, feta cheese, hummus, bread, lemon


Fried squid, mini crabs, shrimps, minced crab balls, minced fish balls, crispy battered shrimps, shrimp spring rolls, mussels, fish fillet, red mullet, bogue, other fish, grilled octopus, grilled cuttlefish, grilled gilt-head bream, chips.


Cypriot coffee and sweets.

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