Where do locals run when it’s bank holiday?


Under siege! This is how most of the locals feel when there is a bank holiday and everybody wants to enjoy the seaside.

But, we, the locals, also want to have fun! So how do we do it? Some of us are running to the mountains, but is not always the best solution. We have to choose not the most popular destinations to have some quiet.

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Another thing is to go to the beaches are are more secluded and that don’t present to much interest for Cypriot tourists.

Liopetri River at bank holiday

One of this is at Liopetri River. It is a fisherman’s place, with no good access to the sea. There you will find just the locals. Lots of locals. Like I did on Kataklysmos day.

We found the place packed with cars, the souvla barbecue everywhere, and a nice and rather quiet atmosphere.

Now, if you know of other places where you can run from the busy tourist seaside on holidays time, please share it with me here! I really want to try it next time when Protaras and Ayia Napa are super busy!


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