Weather in Cyprus. Temperatures for each season

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Do you want sun and good weather for sunbathing and swimming in the sea? Then come to Cyprus from mid-May until the end of September. These are the months when it doesn’t rain (that is, if the climate doesn’t change) and when the seawater is guaranteed to be good for swimming for almost everyone.

But, you also have to prepare for quite high temperatures, and also for a bit of humidity (in August even a bit more). And don’t be fooled because the forecast says it’s only 32 degrees…

Believe me, when it’s 30 degrees it’s usually very hot and the asphalt burns, the sand burns… sometimes the vegetation also burns.

So, summer is easy to say how the weather is: hot and very hot.


A bit more complicated is at the beginning and end of the season.

March. It usually alternates warm periods, around 20C, with periods when temperatures can drop to 14C during the day, and it rains a bit.

April. Already the weather should be better, with many days above 20 degrees Celsius. The seawater, however, is still below 20 degrees, so swimming is usually for the brave or those who can’t imagine being here without going in the water.

Both March and April are perfect to visit the island because you can walk a lot without the heat affecting you. Since May, there is no problem with rain. Even if there will be a few “incidents”, they are short-lived and the sun usually comes out immediately. Maybe you’ll even catch a rainbow!


Traditionally, the first rain may appear sometime after mid-October. But it can just as well be a year when the weather is good both in October and a good part of November.

Still, you never know, so if you want to come to the island at this time of the year, you risk catching some rainy days. Usually, however, the weather is mild, good for the beach and even swimming in the sea. Anyway, the seawater is warmer in November and December than it is in March and even April.

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Winter on the island is a pure lottery and you never know how it will be. There were years when the cold came in the middle of February and years when winter came from the beginning of November. So it’s best, if you can, to get last-minute tickets, so you can check and forecast the weather. It rarely changes radically and from sunny with over 16 degrees to rainy with cold.

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