We import eagles. Griffon eagles

Vultur Grifon. Foto Cyprus Mail

Let’s see how the Cypriots want to increase the population of white-headed eagles – griffon eagles.

Because currently there would only be a maximum of 20 birds on the island, some good people thought to import 30 specimens from Spain. Said and done, so the first 15 eagles have already landed in Larnaca. The rest up to 30 will arrive at a later date.

The eagles will be held for six months in captivity for acclimatization and their lives are now in the hands of BirdLife and three other organizations involved in the “Life with Eagles” project.

They also have to make sure that once they release them into the wild, nothing will happen to endanger their lives (such as the poison baits that are so popular on the island unfortunately).

🚩📽They came from Spain to enjoy landscapes like this 👉 Kourion, the ancient city with a view

Especially since if they did not intervene now, the griffon vulture population that now lives in Episkopi, between Limassol and Paphos, would disappear from the island in a maximum of 15 years.

About Griffin

The griffon eagle, also called the Eurasian eagle (I hope I said it right here) has a maximum weight of 10 kg, about one meter in length and when it spreads its wings it can reach as much as 265 centimeters.

If you want to look for it, you should go to the mountainous regions of Asia, Turkey and northwest Africa. In Europe, he made his home in France and Spain, but he also settled on the Mediterranean islands, in Sardinia, Crete, Sicily and … Cyprus.

The name griffon comes from the Greek gryphos, which means eagle lion.

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