Visit Cyprus in the winter by bus

Cyprus by bus

Until the heatwave comes to the island, we have two more months with only good weather to visit left and right. Because I kept getting asked, I said I’d better put here also which sights can be visited around Larnaca within a radius of 60 km, with the help of buses.

What is a must-see in Larnaca?

To begin with, let’s not miss what is beautiful in the city itself.

Certainly, the Church of St. Lazarus in the old part of the city is not to be missed. It would also be a bit difficult because it’s kind of in the way…

Then, not to be missed in winter is salt lake where you will usually find flamingo birds. Also, there is the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque. Bus 429 will take you there.

If you have a way to get to the Mazotos Camel Park, it’s also very good, because it’s a place that is worth seeing for the adults as well, but especially for the little ones. Bus 407, which also goes to the airport, has a stop there.

One of my favorite areas in Larnaca is Meneou – Pervolia, and you can also get there by bus 429.

For destinations around Larnaca HERE is the transport company and the routes offered.

Where is easy to reach by bus from Larnaca?

Larnaca seems to me a perfect winter destination because you can get there very easily by bus within a radius of 60 km.

Ayia Napa, Cape Greco and Protaras

Buses from the state company OSEA will take you to the area for only 1.5 euros per person. However, the best seems to me to be a 5 euro ticket with which you can travel all day, including back to Larnaca.

The bus that goes from Larnaca to Ayia Napa and Protaras is 711, and you have the schedule until March 31 HERE

The route I recommend in the area is:

1. Nissi Beach. You can’t help but stop at the most famous beach on the island and enjoy the peace of winter there!

2. The harbor and the monastery. Bus 101 will then take you to the port area. I like to walk in the area in the winter, and then you have to walk a few minutes to the monastery area of Ayia Napa. Unfortunately, it has been closed for several years for ongoing renovations.

3. Love Bridge. From the center, you can take bus 101 again (on the same side as the monastery) and ask the driver to stop for Love Bridge. There you have the stone bridge by the sea, which is an important point of attraction for watching the sunset. And above you have the statue park that you can visit.

4. Sea Caves. From the same station where you stopped for Love Bridge, take the same bus number 101, and ask the driver to stop for Sea Caves. You will have to walk a few minutes on a dirt road, but it is a place worth visiting on the East Coast.

5. Cape Greco plateau. From Sea Caves, it is only a bus stop to the next point of interest. If you want to reach the top plateau, you can also walk. From Sea Caves, you will go out to the street again, turn right and at the first dirt road that turns right, start the walk. The view from the top on a clear day is gorgeous.

6. Love Bridge Protaras. From here you can return to the street and continue on foot to another Love Bridge, Kamara Tou Koraka, and from there you only have a few more steps to the Ayoi Anargyroi chapel and the cave below.

7. Green Bay. If you still have energy, hop on the bus and continue exploring the Green Bay area. This is where scuba diving is done, and it’s the home of the turtles, as I like to say. I saw them with my own eyes, I’m not lying!

8. Protaras, Fig Tree Bay. It would be the penultimate stop. The bus can drop you right at the stop for another famous beach on the East Coast: Fig Tree Bay. It’s not as crowded as Nissi Beach in winter, but the promenade is beautiful.

9. Church of St. Elias. If your legs are still strong, don’t miss the church on top of the hill. You can reach it on foot from Protaras or you can catch a 101 bus that will drop you off in the immediate vicinity. You have some stairs to climb, but the view from the top is beautiful.

To return to Larnaca, I think the best solution would be to get to Paralimni, with the same bus no. 101 and from there take one of the two buses that go on the route you need: 711 and 714

Larnaca – Nicosia

You can get here with a private transport company, and the ticket costs between 4 and 9 euros, depending on the chosen route. For Larnaca – Nicosia it is 4 euros one way and 7 euros if you pay from the start and the return. You can find routes, schedules, and prices HERE

More about Nicosia 👉 Nicosia, the world’s last divided capital

Larnaca – Limassol

With the same private company, you can also go to Limassol, and the bus will drop you off in the tourist area, in the old town, close to the port and the Marina.

Details about Limassol 👉 Limassol, the skyscrapers city

🚩The Larnaca bus station where you will find all the buses you need is in the Finikoudes area, next to the beach, and is well-signposted and always busy. Therefore, it’s hard not to find it. Tickets are bought from the driver, and it is good to have money as close as possible to the value of the ticket.

Bus schedules may vary depending on the season. Tourist routes are usually operated with a much higher frequency during the summer.


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