Turtles hatch on a busy beach in Cyprus!

turtles hatch

How lucky to be to come for the first time in Cyprus, to be here on your first day, to go for a walk on the beach in the evening, and to find this- turtles hatch! And I was lucky to meet these nice people who told me about it and shared their pictures with me.

So far I was not lucky enough to find something like this, so I guess I will stick to snorkeling to find my turtles.

Remember, it is illegal to feed or touch the turtles. You risk 3 years in prison or up to 17.000 euros in fines.

And please understand that I will not say on which beach these photos were taken…

Feeding the turtles=3 years in prison or 17.000 euros fine

turtles hatch

turtles hatch


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