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Troodos – let’s explore Cyprus mountains

Summer is perfect for hiking and visiting villages, wineries, monasteries and waterfalls and winter for skiing. Don’t expect to find resorts like in the European mountains around here, but for the locals it’s enough to enjoy a sleigh ride and some skiing. I liked to explore the villages of Troodos, some almost deserted, I also looked for the beautiful Venetian bridges, I also checked monasteries and waterfalls.

Kykkos monastery


Kykkos – the famous monastery of Cyprus

The most famous monastery in Cyprus is in the heart of the mountains, not even 30 km from the Troodos Square. The access road is in very good condition and even spectacular in places. The nearly 1,000-year history of the place of worship is a tumultuous one. But here you will find an icon that, if it were to be discovered, is said to blind anyone who looks at it.