The secrets of Larnaca City

Larnaca old town

I found somewhere the legend that Larnaca, or after its first name – Kition – was founded by none other than the grandson of NOE (yes, the one with the flood), who was called Khittim. This man came to the island about 6000 years ago and founded the settlement.

I say that it is better to keep the original name, because the current one comes from LARNAX – which means clay coffin in ancient Greek. Basically, because there were many cemeteries in the city of Kition, they ended up calling it Larnaca. Now I don’t even forget where the name of the city comes from…

And so, with the story of Noah’s grandson, I also understood why the celebration of the flood – the famous Kataklismos – is so important on the island.

🚩📽 See here how the Cypriots celebrate it 👉Kataklismos


Larnaca, 13 centuries old

In reality, because legends are only legends, the city of Larnaca was founded somewhere around the 13th century BC as shown by the first vestiges of the ancient city of Kition. Now, if we are to go by the name, who knows how it will be with these legends 🙂

Old City Larnaca
Old City Larnaca

Nowadays we have the old town, still a bit dusty, but it’s slowly starting to take on a different face, more “renovated” here and there, and the new town, with buildings of flats, lots of grey, but luckily it’s always sunny so it dosen’t bother us to much.

Now, the old center is also the tourist center, for those who haven’t been here yet. And by the sea it’s super beautiful, with palm trees and a beach and cafes and restaurants…That is the famous Finikoudes area.

🚩 Here you can learn more about 👉 Finikoudes – the street with palm trees, beach and restaurants


Streets and houses with stories to tell

But… it’s a shame not to enter the streets. The houses are old and tell stories.

A shabby wall and a door/window showing a lush inner courtyard, a house full of flowers from bottom to top, a pottery workshop, streets without sidewalks, stone walls, old balconies that seem to fall down , blue wooden doors, a blue bench and a geranium, a craftsman quietly reading in the workshop door…

All waiting to be discovered!

There are many stories behind closed doors and open windows. If you end up here, you will surely make a map of your memories, a map whose roads will all lead you, in the end, to the sea.

I leave you to discover a city that welcomes you with warmth and love.

And a more “fixed” part of Larnaca:




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