Sunset at Nissi Beach. Music & happy people

Apus de soare la Nissi Beach Ayia Napa

The most beautiful beach in Cyprus, in the world’s top of the most beautiful beaches in the world, could not fail to have a sunset to match.

Nissi Beach is the liveliest beach in the east of the island before the sunset. You don’t really want to leave when you reach the “golden hour” when the music is still playing in the speakers and the “path” is waiting for you to walk to the island and back.

I was there, I saw it, and I liked the atmosphere. Some were dancing, others were at photo sessions for Instagram, and the most tired of them were sleeping a bit to probably regain strength for the night of fun that awaits them.

I caught clear water and some very shy waves and about 24 degrees before sunset. Perfect to relax a little longer on the beach and enjoy the view in mid-May.

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