Start a fire in Cyprus and you can spend 10 years in prison

heat waves fire ayia napa

The first heat wave for this year came a bit early in Cyprus, say the specialists. And it doesn’t look like it is going to finish too soon so there is a higher risk of fire.

Like in the oven

All this week, we have been roasting under the scorching sun. And today is not going to be any different, with temperatures announced to get close to 40 on the forecast, but we all know the reality is different once you are on the streets.

And next week will be more or less the same. So don’t bother to add to your luggage a cardigan or long trousers, because you will not need them for sure.

But, for all the tourists, this heat means a tan and nice warm seawater; for the locals, it means danger when it comes to fire.

And it hasn’t been a single day in the last week without seeing at least one news story about fires, all over the island.

Forest fire warning

Cyprus Department of Forests has warned everybody of a Red Alert for forest fire. And in case you had no idea, lighting fires without a permit is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

If you “manage” to start a fire, then you can get a 10-year conviction and/or a 50.000 euro fine, according to the Forests Law from 2012.

We have another law for The Prevention of Fires in the Countryside Law that brings 5 years to prison and/or 20.000 euro fine.

If you see fire, contact the Forest Department at 1407 or the Fire Service at 112.

Watch your fires

Many of the fires on this island start from a cigaret frown from the car’s window, from a farmer cleaning his fields and not caring that it is windy or dangerous what he is doing, and just a few because someone intends to do some damage.

I am sure you will not start farming on your holidays here, but you might be a smoker and rent a car. Make sure you use the ashtray from the car. And you don’t leave behind things that can catch fire under the Cyprus sun.

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