Sirena Beach Bay. Hidden gems in Protaras area

sirena beach bay

Sirena Beach Bay is a hidden gem in the Protaras/Pernera area. It is a small cove, protected from wind and strong waves, perfect for a cozy day at the beach.

50 meters of beach, not too sandy at the entrance in the water, though. Clear waters like everywhere on this part of the island.

Next to the public beach is a place called Serena, where you can enjoy a more fancy experience close by the sea.

It is well known among the locals, but not so when it comes to visitors to the island. Even the road to take you there is kind of easy to miss.

The people who go to this place are usually young, but you will surely find families with small kids.

New Marina next door

The view of this nice bay is now a little bit spoiled, I think, by the new Marina that is being built a few meters away. But, let’s wait and see the final result in maximum of 1 year they say.

Where is Sirena Beach Bay

Sirena Beach Bay is located between the Chrystal Spring Hotel and Golden Coast Hotel, on the road that takes you from Ayia Triada to Pernera.

How to get to Sirena Beach Bay

You can go by car but keep in mind that it is usually very difficult to find an empty parking place, or you can take the bus 101 or 102 to go there and just ask the driver to let you know when you arrive.

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