September, perfect for holidays in Cyprus

Cape Greco area, Ayia Napa

September heat is bearable, the sea water is perfect, there is not so busy anymore, prices for the accommodation are more friendly and it is ideal for visiting places.

The ideal weather for a beach holiday

Officially, the average temperature is 28 degrees. The day, however, can be slightly higher than 30⁰C. The big advantage is that in the evening we have a pleasant breeze that drives away the heat of the day.
Statistics say that September is the month when even the wind doesn’t blow that hard anymore!

Another plus is the temperature of the sea water. It usually stays at around 28 degrees all month, just good for swimming. It is possible to have some days with waves, but usually the sea calms down a bit in the evening.

Konnos Bay
Konnos Bay

🚩📽See here how this place looks like 👉Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa

It’s not crowded anymore

September is already autumn for the locals, so they won’t storm the coast anymore. They will still come on weekends, but you won’t have the crowds of the summer months.
Therefore, there are enough places on the beach, the traffic is not busy, but in the evening there is still an air of fun everywhere.

Makronissos Beach
Makronissos Beach

So, during the day you have a better chance of finding a good spot on a deckchair near the water and in the evening you can have fun in the Pubs and clubs.

What clothes do you need in September?

Your luggage will not be heavier if you travel in September. During the daytime you need thin summer clothes and in the evening a blouse is enough and maybe some sport shoes if you know you are more sensitive to the cold.

Perfect for trips

Larnaca Old Town
Larnaca Old Town

September weather is perfect for island trips. The sun is not so strong and allows you to better enjoy the places you visit.
Therefore, you will no longer be in a hurry to find a cold bottle of water, nor will you quickly look for the shade to breathe a little.

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Busiest month for car rentals

You have to think ahead if you want to rent because this is the busiest month. The prices may not be the friendliest either, but you have a good chance of compensating with better accommodation prices.

Ayia Napa, midle of September
Ayia Napa, midle of September

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