Pervolia, the kings home

Pervolia, Larnaca

Pervolia… I am hopelessly in love with this place. Actually by Meneou and Pervolia. The beach there, the houses by the sea, the quietness of the place in winter, the sea… the planes passing over, the flamingos on the lake in winter… how could you not want to come there at least for a visit!


If in the medieval period it was the epicenter of fun in this area of the island, now it is preferred by those who want a place less … commercial.

Many of the houses in the area are inhabited all year round, and the villas that are being built now are for those with very large pockets. Therefore, Pervolia is not at risk of becoming a very busy and commercial place for some time to come and will retain its chic air.

If you happen to walk on the beach there, I think it’s impossible not to daydream about what it would be like if you had a little house there and the gate from the back yard opened directly onto the beach… what would it be like!

Until the dreams become a reality, many of us will remain walking, admiring the memories.

Pervolia, Larnaca
Pervolia, Larnaca


Faros Beach

Faros Beach is landscaped but retains a rustic feel, and the upper walkways are relatively recently modernized and perfect for sunrise or sunset walks.

During the summer, at midday, the only perfect thing in Cyprus seems to me to be a swim in the sea or in the pool. At the large parking lot you will find the Pervolia Lighthouse and there is also a restaurant where you can eat something after exploring the 4 kilometers of beach.

Pervolia is just a few minutes drive from Larnaca airport and the city, and if you want to stay here, not just visit, you have a hotel and many villas available.

You will find vacation rentals even in the village, which is only a few kilometers from the Pervolia tourist area. And there are enough houses built on the beach, but most of them are inhabited all year round.

What you need to know is that here you won’t find the finest sand on the island and you may need special slippers to enter the water in some places, but the scenery offered is worth at least a visit if you get to the area.

The place seems perfect for a walk on the seashore in winter because most of the time it is deserted and you can enjoy nature in peace. Plus you can admire the houses without risking disturbing too many owners 🙂


The name Pervolia was apparently given after the many lush gardens that were laid out here in the past. Pervoli in Greek means pergola. The city belonged to the House of Lusignan, which ruled Cyprus from 1191-1489, but was sold to the Greek Podokatares family during the Venetian rule (1473-1570).

Currently, the town has approximately 3000 inhabitants and is constantly growing due to its proximity to the city of Larnaca. Between the two towns there are only 16 kilometers that can be driven by car in about 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Before reaching Pervolia, you pass through Meneou, the two localities being practically connected. You can walk along the seashore from Meneou to Pervolia for a leisurely walk.

🚩 Pervolia is very close to Larnaca 👉 Finikoudes – the street with palm trees, beach and restaurants

🚩 And it’s a good place to watch the planes coming in and out of the island 👉 Landing in Larnaca


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