Paphos – follow Aphrodite’s footsteps

In Paphos you will see the most beautiful color of the Mediterranean sea, dreamy landscapes and lots of history. Perfect destination for year-round exploration. If I am not a big fan of sitting in the sun all day at the beach I would definitely choose the western part of the island as my holiday destination. In Paphos you walk in the footsteps of Aphrodite and Adonis, see banana and orange plantation, look for turtles in the Akamas area, venture into canyons and look for waterfalls hidden in hard-to-find areas. It is the area where you have both sea and mountain and a huge National Park only good to explore for off-road lovers. And if you are a golf lover, this is the perfect destination in the Mediterranean area.

Blue Lagoon Paphos

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Blue Lagoon Paphos – the best Mediterranean blue!

The Blue Lagoon is the must see place in Paphos! With the shared boat or a rented one, you must see the most beautiful water of the Mediterranean! The Blue Lagoon in Paphos has the most beautiful water in the Mediterranean. It’s a gorgeous blue, it’s clear, it’s not very difficult to reachle and it should be put on the must visit list in Cyprus. It’s true that I personally only visited the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus, but that’s what others who have walked on the shores of this sea say, so I believe them.