Oroklini Beach. Yes or No?

It has been a long time since I went for a walk in Oroklini, near Larnaca, at the beach area where the hotels are directly on the seashore.
And if I still arrived, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to show you what it’s like around here, in case you’re thinking of visiting the island during the winter and you find accommodation you like in the area.

Maybe too quiet

If I were in a romantic mood, looking for peace of mind and some isolation from civilization, this is probably exactly the place I would look for an escape. Plus, if I change my mind about being around people, I’d have the buses to get to town quickly.

🚩 Hope you will enjoy landing on the island 👉 Landing in Larnaca

In the last few years, the Oroklini area shows signs of starting to shake off the dust and become a more attractive area for those who love the Mediterranean sea and Cyprus.
Older hotels have begun to be renovated, new ones are already being built. Especially since the authorities have “run away” from the area the companies that had fuel storage stations in the area.

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Good for walking

A promenade on the seashore has been built and is relatively populated in winter by both tourists here and locals who come for a walk.
Then I saw that there are also some bars left open to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine while watching the sky at sunset.

In addition, the beach here is not a “fluffy” one like in Ayia Napa and Protaras, so it is much easier to simply walk on the sand for a few good kilometers.

🚩 Don’t miss Mackenzie area 👉 Larnaca – Mackenzie Beach

Then we have the street that runs through the whole area and takes you to Larnaca.
New normal sidewalks have appeared on which you can drive and even ride a bicycle. There are also a few restaurants open, only those that can afford to operate and if they are not as crowded as during the season.

But I’d rather let you see what I found in the area one evening in early December!

Check it out if you like it here

Dhekelia, before Oroklini


Dhekelia Road – Golden Bay & Sandy Beach & Lordos hotels


Oroklini beach

Oroklini – Radisson Hotel

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