Nissi Beach – the story of a busy November day at the beach

Nissi Beach

I wanted a quiet day by the sea, with the sound of waves and only a few people. And since I don’t go to Nissi Beach in the summer because it’s a bit crowded for my taste, I thought I’d try my luck today!

Not a good thought!

First sign

The first sign was the Nissi parking lot. It was so full that I barely made it out of there without a scratch.

Nissi Beach

But I didn’t give up. I parked a few hundred meters away and set off determinedly, because I said to myself, how crowded can it be?!?

And I found my answer soon enough.

In my “innocence”, I insisted, put the towel down in a quieter corner, and went for a swim. Good water, clean, clear, beautiful color, everything you need. Less quiet around.

So I said to move my “tent” to the beach next door. I mean, here. 👇 But it’s just a bit steep for my taste.

nissi beach

In the end, I recovered the car and started on the short road to today’s happiness.

Landa Beach 👇  just a few hundred meters from Nissi Beach

Quiet, free beach, not even a fly would bother me, and the water was just as beautiful. Finally, I enjoyed the peace I was looking for, I listened to my music and relaxed in peace on the shore of the warm Mediterranean sea, with gentle sun and over 25 degrees without wind.

nissi beach

📌In conclusion, I’m going back to Nissi. In December. Maybe.


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