Nissi Beach, one of the best beaches in Europe

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Nissi Beach is on the 4th place on the list of the best beaches in Europe made by Tripadvisor! Fig Tree Bay only got the 22nd place, but I say that it is not bad for such a small island to have two beaches in the ranking made by those who travel far and wide, even during the pandemic.


So, the famous beach of Ayia Napa, sought after especially by the very young, managed to enter the top 5. The first three places were Spiagia dei Conigli (Lampedusa, Sicily), Praia da Falesia (Olhos de Agua, Portugal) and Playa de Muro (Spain). Balos Lagoon from Greece ranked fifth.

In order to achieve this top, both the quality of the water and the sand, as well as the services offered on the beaches in question, were taken into account.

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We are also doing well globally

In the top of the world’s beaches, the famous Nissi Beach was only ranked 22nd.

The lists presented by Tripadvisor are made after analyzing the reviews posted by users throughout the previous year.

You can consult here all the beaches in the ranking for Europe – Traveler Choice – Best beaches

Now, if this year Cyprus took only the 4th and 22nd places, last year it was much better in terms of water quality, because the Mediterranean here won the first place in Europe for the cleanest water. The pandemic would also have been “guilty”, but even without the calm of the last two years, the sea water around the island was always very clean.


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