Nissi Beach – let the fun begin!

Nissi Beach, km 0 al distracției

The center of fun in Ayia Napa during the day is at Nissi Beach. Beach bars with loud music and DJs that maintain the atmosphere are sought after by young locals and especially by tourists who come to the island specifically for the “madness” here.


A beach for all ages

Here you will find people of all ages who want to enjoy the clear and warm sea. And especially walking through the water knee-deep to the island.

NISSI in Greek means island.

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa
Nissi Beach Ayia Napa

That is why the pontoons for the water sports are not on the shore precisely because you can reach them by walking through the water.

🚩📽 Here you can see the best of what it’s like at Nissi Beach 👇

The entry into the water is smooth, without stones and not suddenly deep. So perfect if you want to stay in the water if it’s too crowded on the sand.

If you get hungry and the offer from the bars on the beach doesn’t satisfy you, don’t forget that across the road there is a bakery where you can get sandwiches or snacks or a coffee.

Nissi Beach parking
Nissi Beach parking

If you come here by car, you will find a free and free parking space. Even the paid parking lot is usually full. A few tens of meters from the beach, however, is a parking lot where you have a better chance of finding a free spot.

And if you come by bus, all you have to do is tell the driver to let you know where to get off.

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📌The beach stretches over an area of 500 meters and is cataloged with a blue flag. In the immediate vicinity, traces of human existence dating back 12,000 years have been discovered.

📌It is every year in the top of the best beaches in Europe at least.

📌It is far from the center of Ayia Napa where the entertainment is at night. However, it is easily reached by taxi or bus.

📌The busiest period here is in July and August, when many locals come.


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