MoonWalk. Music under Blue Moon!

moonwalk festival

MoonWalk this year has 30 stages with more than 130 musicians under the blue full moon on the last evening of August. Plus one observatory to watch the moon. Plus fireworks before 11 o’clock!

Where to find it

MoonWalk takes place on the sidewalk from Protaras to Pernera. More than 3 hours of music that you can enjoy. If you don’t have a favorite already that you want to listen to, then you can enjoy a 5 km walk between Saint Nicholas Chapel in Pernera (next to the harbor) and Fig Tree Bay in Protaras.

What to listen

This year, the festival is more about traditional music. But even so, there are so many good musicians that will play that I believe it is impossible not to find something to enjoy!

We will have a little bit of Soul&Groove with Trio Frisson (stage 15), Jazz&Swing with Avant Tout (stage 2) and the sound of handpan and lyra, with Gaba Project (stage 6).

At the same time, you will find two stages to listen to classical music and rock music with Lithos Band.

Why MoonWalk

MoonWalk is a music festival that takes place in Protaras and Pernera in the evening with a full moon at the end of August or the beginning of September.

It is spectacular because the moon is rising from the sea and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a night with music.

This year, Moonwalk is under the blue moon as well, since we have two full moons in August.

The festival is organized by the Youth of Paralimni with the main supporter being the Municipality of Paralimni.

Dedicated year

The Youth of Paralimniou decided this year to dedicate the biggest music of its event, MoonWalk , to the memory of Paralimnius and Masterissa of the Cyprus Song, Kyriakous Pelagia.

They have asked all participating MoonWalk bands to prepare covers of Sunday Pelagia songs, with various rhythms such as Rock, Jazz, Funk or Blues.


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