Mimosa Beach and the turtles house

Plaja Mimosa, casa țestoaselor

I found out about Mimosa Beach and the turtles house in the first year of the pandemic and since then I keep telling people about it!

Mimosa Beach turtles house
Mimosa Beach turtles house

The tourists were coming, the few who were, and they were buying the snorkeling goggles. And they told how they saw the turtles în the water at the beach down the road. That it’s a family of turtles that is coming to feed close to the shore. And there is the big turtle and some smaller ones.

One guy, very excited, said he couldn’t stand it anymore and sank to lightly touch the turtle with his hand!

A lady, I don’t remember from which part of Europe, was super excited that, after going to all sorts of exotic destinations and looking for turtles, she found them here, in Cyprus, closest to home.

You can see what the turtle house looks like hereTurtle house at Mimosa beach

I found them too

After hearing them talking about the turtles, I said I should look for them too.

The first two attempts were unsuccessful. My turtles were probably taking a nap somewhere when I looked for them.

But just after my birthday, my wish came true!

I was in the water for half an hour alreadywWhen I was about to give up. But then the turtle came from under me, rising slightly to the surface. I will never forget the image of that beauty that was swimming towards me!

And then the turtle just went down and started “grazing”!

The place where I first saw the turtle
The place where I first saw the turtle

Now, what do I would lik to ask from you…If you arrive at Mimosa and find them eating or just swimming, just admire them from a distance! Because I think if we stress them out, they will get upset and go look for another house!

And if you want to try a scuba diving tour in Mimosa and Green Bay, there are enough offices in the area to help you!


Mimosa Beach is in Protaras, between the strip and Cavo Greco. The area is called Green Bay and you can take the Cavo Maris and Cavo Zoe hotels as landmarks.

Mimosa is a very small beach and the entrance to the water may not be the finest, but you certainly won’t break your legs there.

In the end, it is a pleasure to swim there and especially to snorkel in search of turtles!

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