Loukoumades – Cyprus dessert of delicious doughnuts

cyprus dessert loukoumades

You can choose your Cyprus dessert with all sorts of toppings and ice cream or, even better, some gelato. I am on a very difficult mission to try all the possible combinations I find and I have the feeling that it will take me a while to decide which one I like best.

Loukoumades = Cyprus doughnuts

Actually, they are Greek ones, but I am so happy that Cypriots adopted it like their own so we can enjoy it now on the island whenever we want.

Small, round, nice gold color, and traditionally with honey or sugar syrup on top. From what I could tell, the locals have a special day on the 6th of January, when they will have these kinds of sweets. But there are now so many shops that do it all year round that you can treat yourself whenever you want.

Cyprus dessert Loukoumades

The traditional way to have Cyprus dessert Loukoumades

The first thing on my list to try was the traditional way. So I had the ones with sugar syrup, icing sugar, almonds and vanilla gelato. Very nice, but way too sweet for my taste.

Then I had the Greek style, with honey and cinnamon, and I loved it. Then I tried some with pistachio, and again, it was fantastic… My list is still open, and I think I will not stop until I’ve tried them all and then some more.

And I found this place in Larnaca, they opened in 2023, and they have lots of choices. It is called Lokmakos and you can check the menu and their pictures, and then you tell me you don’t want to try it!

Cyprus dessert Loukoumades

History of Loukoumades

The name came from the Arabic word luqma

On Wikipedia, I found this:

The dish was known as luqmat al-qādi (لُقْمَةُ ٱلْقَاضِيِ) or “judge’s morsels” in 13th century Arabic cookery books, and the word luqma or loqma by itself has come to refer to it.The Turkish name for the dish, lokma, is derived from the Arabic, as is the Greek name loukoumádes (λουκουμάδες).

You can find this dessert in all the Mediterranean countries.

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