Limassol, the skyscrapers city


Limassol is the cosmopolitan city where you will find opulence, skyscrapers, several kilometers of beach and many palm trees. If you also like ships, you will see enough at sea waiting for their turn to enter the island’s largest port.

Limassol can be the perfect destination if you want to travel a lot in Cyprus because you can reach almost everywhere easily here. If you want to have a big city at your disposal with all the comfort that comes with it, Limassol is definitely the perfect destination for you.


Limassol Marina
Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina

I think the main attraction of the city is the Marina. The investment started more than ten years ago has completely changed the face of the old port of the city. Abandoned warehouses have been transformed into spaces that look brad new. New buildings have appeared that fit well into the landscape, and there have also been million-dollar houses built on artificial islands with direct access to the sea.

Plus the luxury yachts that are docked at each “gate”. There are also luxury shops, attractive restaurants and the inevitable cafes. Because, what would a Cypriot do without easy access to his frappe anytime, anywhere! 🙂

The waterfront and the old town

If you’re in the area, don’t miss a walk on the seafront which looks impeccable, and in the old town too. The area has also been improved and it is a pleasure to get lost in the narrow streets where you will find restaurants, cafes and small shops that sell everything.
Limassol old town
Limassol old town

If you feel like doing more serious shopping, look for Anexartisias street in the same area, which is the shopping center ofthe city. If you want air conditioning, there are buses that go to the Mall, in the Zakaki district. You will find some of the shops in both places.

But let’s stay in the old center of Limassol because I don’t think you want to miss the most important tourist attraction here – the Medieval Castle where Richard the Lionheart himself married Berengaria, on May 12, 1191. Access to the castle courtyard is free and you can see various museum objects exhibited outside, and if you want to go inside you have to pay a fee of 4.5 euros per person.

15 km of beach

In Limassol you have about 15 km of beach along the city. It’s just that it seems a little strange to me to be at the beach, and only a few meters from me to have all the craziness of the city unfold, with heavy traffic and people walking on the seafront.

If you want a bit of peace, you should reach the hotel area, which starts at a distance of five km from the Marina. The last hotel in the area is 10 km along the waterfront. And in this area you will find all kinds of shops and restaurants.

If you want to travel by bus, you have at your disposal the most developed route in the city, which goes from the last hotel – Parklane – to the Mall in the Zakaki area, that is, about 20 kilometers along the seashore.

And if you want to relax at the beach in peace and have a car at your disposal, you can migrate to Lady Mile’s Beach, where you have only sand and sea as far as the eye can see.

The skyscraper city

The first high-rise buildings started to be built in Limassol around 2010. They were the twin towers, which could be seen from a distance as you walked towards the city.

Moreover, besides the fact that they were high, they also built a footbridge that takes you from the building directly to the beach.

The first towers being build in 2010
The first towers being build in 2010

Now, the twin towers are dwarfs compared to The One which is almost ready to be finished. With its 37 floors and 165 meters high, it will be the tallest building on the island.

The One
The One. Limassol, the skyscrapers city

Not far from The One stands Trilogy, three towers where you can buy an apartment… if you won the big jackpot in the Euro Lottery.

Until then, you can come to Limassol to admire the sky full of cranes like I don’t think Cyprus has ever seen before in history.

Nightlife in Limassol

I haven’t been, so I’m telling you from what I’ve heard. The most sought-after area was in Platia Saripolou, which is near the City Hall, then on Anexartisias street there were several places frequented by locals. The clubs operating in the tourist area are also not to be ignored, and if you want to go to the Marina, we are already talking about a completely different budget and style.

For connoisseurs of maximum fun, they will find in Limassol and Guaba. For those who do not know what it is, as I did, a search on the net will be more than edifying.

Where to book accomodation in Limassol?

In the skyscraper city you will find accommodation for all tastes. In the tourist area there are hotels from 3 to 5 stars. You can choose a resort like Parklane, where privacy is at a premium, you also have the Four Seasons, if you want something like that.

However, there are also smaller and more modest hotels, with more acceptable prices.

There is always the option of a rented apartment on the Internet, but be very careful where it is located. Check how far you are from the beach and what shops you have near you. That’s if you’re not going to rent a car, and then these things don’t matter anymore.

And in Limassol, as in the other tourist areas, you will find car rental offices. You’ll also find plenty of places to buy tours on the island if you prefer not to worry about driving on the left and still want to walk around.

What you can visit near Limassol

👉Governor’s Beach

Governor's beach
Governor’s beach

If you are going to Limassol by highway, from Larnaca or Nicosia, I think you should not miss Governor’s Beach. The highway exit is signposted and in a few minutes you will reach a small beach, bordered by very white rocks. There is a restaurant up on the cliff and a bar down by the beach.

The area is actually famous for the white rocks.


Kolossi castle
Kolossi castle

After Limassol, 11 kilometers away is the town of Kolossi where you will find a medieval castle, one of the best preserved on the island. For 2.5 euros per person you can walk through the large rooms of the castle and explore the roof as well.

👉Lady Mile’s Beach

From the castle you can go to Lady Mile’s Beach, which is famous in the area. To get there you pass through the Akrotiri military base, which is British territory.

👉Kourion ancient amphitheater 🚩 VIDEO

House of Eustolius
House of Eustolius

From Kolossi it is very quick to reach Episkopi to the ancient Kourion Amphitheater. You’ll find one of the best-preserved mosaics in the world here.

If that doesn’t impress you too much because you’ve seen a lot more in Italy, you certainly won’t regret getting there because of the view.

The visiting schedule for the tourist attractions ends at the latest at 18.00 in the summer and at 17.00 in the winter.

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From Limassol you can also go on the Wine Road, which will take you to the village of Omodos. It is famous for its wineries but also for the Timios Stavros Monastery – Holy Cross Monastery.

Here you will find the reliquary with the Head of the Holy Apostle Lazarus. And once you get here, it doesn’t matter the temperature outside, you have to go around the small beautiful streets.

And if you’re still here, it’s a shame not to check out the wineries in the area because they have very good wines that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

Don’t forget Commandaria, the liqueur wine that you will only find in Cyprus. Or Zivania, the Cypriot brandy that is drunk cold, straight from the freezer.

👉Arsos and Kelefos

Also on the wine route, before reaching Omodos, you can also go to Arsos. This is another picturesque village in the Troodos mountains. And from there is just a short drive to the Venetian Kelefos bridge.

Kelefos Medieval bridge
Kelefos Medieval bridge

From the highway, you can also go up the short route that will lead to the Kourris dam, which you can easily recognize if you see it from the plane because of its dove tail. It is also the largest dam on the island.


The road for Troodos mountains also starts from Limassol. The distance from the city to Troodos plateau is 45 km, more than half being a mountain route.


Through Limassol you will also reach Paphos, where I think there are the most sights to visit. You can start with Pissouri Bay and the village, which belong to the Limassol district, and continue with Petra tou Romiou – the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite After that you can follow the road to go to the city of Paphos, which is full of history and beautiful places that you will definitely want to discover .

Pissouri Beach
Pissouri Beach

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Info Limassol

The city is 69 km from Larnaca airport and 59 km from Paphos airport.

The Metropolitan Area has 240,000 inhabitants.

You can arrive using the shuttle system, you can contact a company that makes private transfers, you can take a taxi or you can even use public transport. The first three are the most certain that you reach your destination easily.

It is the city with the most skyscrapers. The first to be built were the twin towers – Olympic Residence, in 2010, which now dwarf the others that have appeared in the city.


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