Let’s daydream in Ayia Thekla

Ayia Thekla is an area where I go to admire the sea and the houses on the shore of the Mediterranean. In the Famagusta area, there are not many places where you can get a villa two steps away from the sea and have the sea at your fingertips, so walks in this place are often a reason to daydream: what if …

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But.. that’s what I do. More determined people rent a villa by the sea with a swimming pool and spend a dream vacation. That is, unless they can afford to directly buy a house in the residential complexes of Ayia Thekla (prices starting at around 250,000 euros).

The only thing that is not very pleasant in the area is the rocky shore. You can go into the water in some places, but you kind of need special shoes so you don’t break your feet.

A car rental for the holiday also immediately solves the access to the beautiful beaches in the immediate vicinity, that is, in Ayia Napa, which is only 2-3 kilometers away.

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Accommodation in the area

You will find the only complex of villas organized as a holiday village at Thalassines. Secluded, it looks rustic, but you don’t miss anything there at all. This is what the beach looks like there in winter.

If now we can still enjoy the peace of the place, the April poppies and the deserted roads, in a maximum of two years the area will look completely changed, because two large residential projects have appeared:

📌Sun City, which is right next to the only beach where you can enter the water under normal conditions

📌Ayia Napa Marina, which will be a luxury area, with penthouse apartments selling for up to 7 million euros and villas looking for buyers at roughly the same prices.

If you decide to rent a villa in Ayia Thekla, the only means of transport from there to civilization will be a rental car. There are also buses from OSEA, but based on them you will end up paying for a taxi every time you want to get to a beach, restaurant or supermarket.

What else do you see in the area?

At the chapel by the beach – Ayia Thekla – you will often see weddings or baptisms during the summer. A little below it is also a small cave, a place of prayer dedicated to the saint with that name.

If you dare to walk to the last houses of Ayia Thekla, you will also reach the small fishing port at Liopetri River. Here there is a beautiful virgin beach and two taverns where you can eat fish.


Ayia Thekla is practically adjacent to Ayia Napa but is part of the territory of Sotira. It is a residential area where you will meet both Cypriots and many Britons who have bought houses over time.

Many of the villas here are for rent and you can find them on the websites of companies that deal with just such things. Prices start from 500-700 euros for a week of accommodation and can reach up to 2,000 euros per week, depending on the number of bedrooms and the existing facilities.

It’s normally a quiet area just a 10-minute drive from the epicenter of summertime fun on the island. If you want to do some serious shopping, I recommend going to the big supermarkets in Paralimni, 13 kilometers away, where you will find Lidl, Metro, Sklavenitis or Kokkinos.

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