Varosha by bus

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How to get to Varosha on your own. Practical guide

The first thing to remember when thinking about how to get to Varosha is that there is no public transport between the south and the occupied side.

There are tours you can buy, you can cross the border and use public transport on the Busy side, or you can rent a car and go through customs, but it’s your responsibility here if anything should happen.

Varosha, the ghost town

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Varosha, the ghost town from Cyprus

Find out how much time you need to visit Varosha, the ghost town, and what you will find there. See what you can and can’t do on the streets open to the public.

Varosha is like a sinister, open-air museum. Varosha is a tourist attraction. Varosha is living proof of what politics really is. Varosha is home to many people who grew up there and now go with a broken heart to look at the places of their childhood. Varosha is the well-being that some have had and lost. Varosha is sadness, it is curiosity and… it just is.

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Famagusta, view from the walls

The island has two cities that kept their Venetian walls in place until the 21st century: Nicosia and Famagusta. And since I like this piece of land all together, I see everything the same way.

Therefore, the old city of Famagusta will always have a special place in my heart. And if these beautiful walls could talk, I think they would tell us many interesting stories.

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Tourist day in Katehomena

Delicious fish meze, virgin beach and something light to eat in the evening, in the old city of Famagusta. From time to time we cross the border into the occupied part to rinse our eyes there and try the Turkish-Cypriot cuisine.

This monday we were in no hurry to leave long before 12 o’clock, because.. well.. the day off, sleep at will! And since we are close to the border, we didn’t even blink and we arrived in Famagusta in the city. My luck that I chose to drive because I caught a day with all the beauty of traffic…

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Katehomena – the occupied territories

Or what it’s like to look from a distance at the house where you grew up and the fields you ran on when you were young and not be able to enjoy them because they are now occupied by the Turks. This is how any Cypriot who is now over 50 years old and who was born and grew up in Famagusta and Kerynia before ’74 when the Turks invaded would best explain the situation.

On July 20, 1974, on Saint Elias day, Turkish troops entered the territory of Cyprus, in the northern part, and occupied a small part of the Kyrenia region, advancing as far as Nicosia.

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Othellos’s castel from Cyprus

We have a medieval castle and a well-known story – Shakespeare’s Othello. The castle was renovated in 2014-2015 and it is worth visiting when you go to the old city of Famagusta from Katehomena (the part of Cyprus occupied by the Turks).

The castle is on the left side of the wall that defends the fortress from “attackers from the sea”. OK, now it’s the wall that protects the port from prying eyes…


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Famagusta, the medieval fortress

In the fortress of Famagusta you will take a trip back in time. You will walk through the places visited by the Templar Knights, by the Venetians and Pasha Mustafa.

The fortifications made by the Venetians in 1539 still stand today. The houses inside the fortress are not from that time, but they are old enough to create a fairytale atmosphere. Add the cathedral of Saint Nicholas, built in the 14th century – now transformed into a mosque – and you’re already in another world. The old town is beautiful and worth visiting.