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Cyprus – Greece ferry is back for the summer of 2024

The ferry between Cyprus and Greece is back this summer. First trip will be on 29 of May, from Limassol to Athens, and the last one on the same route, on September 1st. Two times per week, Sundays and Wednesdays.

First trip from Athens to Limassol will be on 31 of May, and the last, on September 3rd. Two times per week, Tuesday and Friday.

green monday larnaca finikoudes


Green Monday in Cyprus. Meaning and traditions

On Green Monday prepare your kites, forget about meat and get ready to enjoy a lot of salads and fasting food. The good part is that all of this is going to happen out. By the sea, on the hills, everywhere, you can think of it as long as it is outside.

flamingo birds paralimni lake

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Flamingo birds in Cyprus. Where to find then and when

The best place to see the flamingo birds in Cyprus is at Salt Lake Larnaca. But there are many other places and I will tell you which are they.

Flamingo birds will come to Cyprus after the first rain, when the salt lakes start to gather enough water so they can feed. How they know it, beats me, but they do. No rain, no lake, no flamingo.

tripadvisor top best beaches

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Nissi Beach, again in Tripadvisor top best beaches in the world

We have the Tripadvisor top best beaches in the world. And Cyprus is there this year also with the famous Nissi Beach. Then, in the Europe Top, we have also Fig Tree Bay from Protaras.

Nissi Beach is in the 22nd position on the list of the best beaches around the globe. This is the same place obtained at the top last year by Tripadvisor.



Main events in 2024 in Cyprus

Music festivals and concerts, sports events, movies, and many more interesting and fun surprises await you this year on the island. For many of the events we don’t have a date yet since is too early, and part of the list I made considering what happened last year.

traffic cameras


Location of the fixed traffic cameras in Cyprus

Traffic cameras are already in use in Larnaca district. Most are in the city, but they also put two on Dhekelia Road.

Traffic cameras have caught in time even 150 drivers that were ”driving” without touching the wheel. So, be careful what you’re doing on Cyprus roads. Other offenses that will bring a fine are running red lights, crossing white lines, and, of course, speeding.

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Bank holidays in 2024. Seven long weekends to enjoy

Bank holidays will bring us 7 mini holidays in 2024 in Cyprus. That means long week-end, a lot of travel abroad and busy days in Ayia Napa and everywhere else close to the sea.

Motor Festival Ayia Napa

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Motor Festival – beautiful retro cars

Cypriots love old American cars and they came to show it at the Motor Festival în Ayia Napa. At least that’s my impression after visiting the events which gathered a lot of retro cars.

Pontiac, Dodge, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën, and many more are a pleasure to look at. I am not an expert so I can’t tell how well they are restored, but they look nice. And I have the feeling that the colorful American ones were the attraction of the show!

ohi day


Ohi Day, a Bank Holiday in Cyprus

Cyprus will celebrate on Saturday, October 28, Ohi Day. It is the day that marks the moment when Greece entered WWII, in 1940. On this day, 83 years ago, the Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini asked the Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas to accept the occupation of some Greek territories. The answer was NO (OHI). From here, the name of this national holiday.

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Get a tattoo in Cyprus while on holiday

Tips and tricks on how to get a tattoo in Cyprus, while you are on holiday. There are many talented artists here, and I think you can find the best one for you.

There are so many tattoo studios on this island, and I thought that Cyprus will be in all the tops, at least in the European ones. Unfortunately, no. But, contrary to this, I know you can find here an artist to your taste and get a very nice tattoo in Cyprus if you choose to do this on your holiday.

feeding the turtles


Feeding the turtles=3 years in prison or 17.000 euros fine

We have the law, and we have the warnings online, but so far a haven’t heard of anyone being sanctioned because they are feeding the turtles. What we have are more and more stories that I am hearing from the tourists or the locals that the turtles are wounded or even dead.

Kataklysmos 2023

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Kataklysmos 2023. Practicle tips and info

Kataklysmos 2023 is the first holiday that brings the Cypriots to the sea. Normally, it signifies the beginning of the summer. Looks like it is not the case this year. 

It is the first time when at this time of the year the weather is at least strange, let’s say. Not hot yet, cloudy and with rain almost every day on some parts of the island. Actually, it looks more like Flood Festival than it ever did before!

ferry greece cyprus 2023


Ferry between Cyprus and Greece, resumed on May 31

The first ferry between Cyprus – Greece is scheduled for May 31, 2023, and the departure is from the port of Limassol, going to Piraeus. The first ship from Greece to the Island will leave on June 2nd, and the duration of the trip is about 30 hours.

From July 29, all trips will move to the port of Larnaca. The last ferry from Cyprus to Greece is scheduled on August 30, and the return will be on September 1.


Rent a car in Cyprus. Tourists recommendations!

I have been asked by many of you from where to rent a car when coming on holiday on the Island. Most of you are experienced travelers, so you know already what company to choose from the big ones. But for those of you who want to rent a car from a local business, I had to ask for help also, because I never had to rent a car on the island.

So, after I asked on Facebook Groups of people that love this place, I came up with this list.

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Events in Cyprus – March & April

Concerts, festivals, markets, and other exciting events happening on the island. You can find them all in the same place, presented according to the date they take place. Moreover, you also have a link for more information directly to the organizers from where you can buy tickets or find out more details.

Easter on the island


Easter on the island. Find out how Cypriots celebrate it!

I think I’m not wrong when I say that Easter is the most important religious holiday on the island. In the Christian world, most attention is usually paid to Christmas, but not in Cyprus.

On Easter evening, most Cypriots go to church. Beautifully dressed, regardless of age, they storm the parking lots around the churches. Without honking and with a lot of patience, everyone finds a place. Then, with candles in hand, they wait to take the light.

Anglican Church Nicosia


Where to celebrate Catholic Easter in Cyprus

The only Church where I know for sure that Catholic Easter will be celebrated is The Latin Catholic Parish of St Paul’s in Paphos. The representatives of the church said that at 16:00 there will be the first service, and the main one will be at 19:00.

So if you are a Catholic Christian and you are in the harbor area, you can easily get to this church.

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Weather in Cyprus. Temperatures for each season

Do you want sun and good weather for sunbathing and swimming in the sea? Then come to Cyprus from mid-May until the end of September. These are the months when it doesn’t rain (that is, if the climate doesn’t change) and when the seawater is guaranteed to be good for swimming for almost everyone. But, you also have to prepare for quite high temperatures, and also for a bit of humidity (in August even a bit more). And don’t be fooled because the forecast says it’s only 32 degrees…

Believe me, when it’s 30 degrees it’s usually very hot and the asphalt burns, the sand burns… sometimes the vegetation also burns. So, summer is easy to say how the weather is: hot and very hot.

Mediterranean cruises


Mediterranean cruise in 2023 departing from Limassol

Mediterranean cruises from Cyprus started before the pandemic. Then they took a break. Now the company that organizes them decided that we should have departures from Limassol again. Only for one destination, but still something. The vessel assigned for this route is Rhapsody of the Seas.

So if you want to spend seven nights on a ship and the day to visit Santorini, Athens, Rhodes, and Mykonos in Greece and Haifa in Israel, then you can look for a package that benefits you from Cyprus.


Winter in Cyprus. What would I do if I came to the island fromDecember to March

A visit to the island in the off-season means renting a car. At least that’s how I see things, so you can get here and there, see places where you can’t go with the buses.

When is the off-season in Cyprus?

And when I say off-season, I mean November – March. After many winters here I would risk coming here in January and February only if I can get last minute tickets, after I’ve checked the weather to make sure that I’m not sitting in my room, admiring the rain.

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Info Cyprus: Money. Public transport. Transfer from the airport

Maybe for many the information that is below is well-known, maybe for others it is not so much. So I say it doesn’t hurt if we have them here, just in case we need it.

👉 Cyprus is in the EU, the currency used is the Euro and it drives on the left.

👉 Currency exchange: You will find you can exchange dollars or pounds in tourist areas at various shops or car rental offices. Don’t struggle to get to the bank.


Tips on how we drive in Cyprus

The first thing you need to kno is that in Cyprus you drive on the left side of the road. As it is a former British colony, it remained with the system implemented probably at the beginning of the last century. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s see how light the traffic is. Know that here people are very patient in traffic. Usually, if you hear a horn, it’s because friends are saying hello in traffic, not because someone is nervous behind the wheel.

Don't forget to feed the cats!


Cyprus, the land of the cats

The first domestic cat is believed to be Cypriot and was discovered in a 9,500-year-old tomb. Now we have cats everywhere – on the beach and on the top of the mountain! The cats in Cyprus are friendly and they will always try to get you to pet them. At some point, a few yeas ago, the island had about 1,5 milion cats, wich is about one cat/person!

October in Cyprus


6 reasons to come to Cyprus in October

Where do we go to the beach in October? Simple. In Cyprus!
The maximum 30 degrees you will have during the day are also perfect to enjoy the beach and to visit the island. Wondering if it rains in October? This also happens, usually in the mountains and maybe in Nicosia. It is not unusual to have a few drops in the coastal area, especially if you choose to go to Paphos.

Golden Beach, Katehomena

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One day trips in Cyprus

Just 180 km of highway along the coast seems to invite you to go on day trips to the island. It will seem to you that you have seen everything but you will always find something new to discover! The information here will help you make a travel plan to the island of Aphrodite to discover the most beautiful area of Cyprus for you!


We import eagles. Griffon eagles

Let’s see how the Cypriots want to increase the population of white-headed eagles – griffon eagles. Because currently there would only be a maximum of 20 birds on the island, some good people thought to import 30 specimens from Spain. Said and done, so the first 15 eagles have already landed in Larnaca. The rest up to 30 will arrive at a later date.


Cyprus, from the first Mycenaean occupations to the current Turkish occupation

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus has always been in the way of conquering empires. Greek civilization took root here, the Templar Order found their last refuge here before being annihilated, and the Venetians made the island flourish economically. The Ottomans only managed to stop any real process of development, both economic and cultural.