How to visit dream places with only 5 euros

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A little while ago, a friend came to visit Cyprus and on this occasion, I also found out how much it costs to visit the most important places in Ayia Napa with an organized trip. It is 50 euros per person with the Jeep to visit dream places along the coast line.

I will not comment on the price but offer you the cheapest solutions. First of all, if you are resistant to the heat, you can visit the area for only 5 euros per person per day.

A one-day ticket for 5 euros, with OSEA buses

They have fixed stops where you want to go. With 5 euros, cash, you will buy the one-day ticket with which you can ride the bus as many times as you want on any route you want.

A bus route, departing from Ayia Napa, I would do it like this: 

📌 first stop, at Love Bridge

It is on the edge of the Ayia Napa and is the most easily accessible point on the route. Popular for Instagram photos, diving, and snorkeling.

📌 second stop, at Sea Caves

Here you can walk a bit, on a dirt road. And for everything to be even better, I would somehow plan to arrive here at 10:00 – 10:15 in the morning, to catch all the boats passing by.

Bonus – if your legs are strong, you also have a station for the Cape Greco plateau. The view from the top is spectacular, especially at sunset.

📌 the third stop would be at Cape Greco

Here again, it is a short walk to the Love Bridge of Protaras and to the Ayioi Anargiroi cave.

You will find all the information about the local bus routes and schedule here – OSEA 

On four wheels to visit dream places

👉 You can do the same route with a rented car, which will cost you approximately 60-70 euros per day. Prices for in high season.

👉 And just as well and more in the spirit of the area, you can rent an ATV or a buggy, which will cost you somewhere between 70 euros for a 325 cc ATV and 160 euros for a 4-seater, 1000 cc buggy.

!!! These prices are for the months of July&August, when demand is very high.

Be ready with

– plenty of cold water for you

– protective cream

– a cap or hat

– comfortable shoes

– don’t forget your bathing suit at the hotel because you’ll definitely want to get in the water to cool off

🚩 And if you want to walk even more by bus, you can get inspired from here – Visit Cyprus in the winter by bus

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