Hidden gems in Cyprus. Ayia Thekla and the baldaquin sunbeds

hidden gems ayia thekla

Pretty soon, it will be harder to find hidden gems on the East Coast of Cyprus. But surprises can appear anytime when you’re least expecting them.

I found it by chance

One evening, I just wanted to go and check out Ayia Thekla Beach. It has been many years since I was there in the summer, so why not?

Only that I ended up next to the old beach, on a section I knew and only saw in the winter. And there I found a nice beach bar and, even more interesting, wood sunbeds with mattresses.

It all looked like nothing I have seen in Cyprus on the East Coast so far. For me. Because the beach bar has been there since 2020, they told me, and probably the sun beds are not that new either.

The point is, if you want to spend a quiet day by the beach like in your dreams and pay only 7.5 euros for a baldaquin at the beach, this is the place.

And if you are a sunset person, like me, then you can have them for free, because after six in the evening, there is nobody there to charge you.

Grab a drink from the nice beach bar and admire the golden hour before sunset.

Where is this hidden gem

This place is in Ayia Thekla, at the beginning when you’re coming from Ayia Napa. You pass Marina, reach the Sun City project left unfinished, and then you will find the area I am talking about.

You can go there by car or using the buses 501/502 passing from Ayia Napa.



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