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tattoo in cyprus

There are so many tattoo studios on this island, and I thought that Cyprus will be at least in Top 10 in Europe. Unfortunately, no. However, I know that you can find an artist here in Cyprus to your taste and get a very nice tattoo if you choose to do this on your holiday.

Just make sure you book your appointment early because most of them are very busy.

How to choose your tattoo artist in Cyprus

There are many styles of tattoos, therefore each tattoo artist will be the best at what he or she likes best. Be sure you don’t choose a watercolor artist to do your fine line tattoo for example!

Although it might take less than an hour to visit the studio the ink will be on your body for the rest of your life.
Start researching online, especially on Instagram, and I know for sure you will find your answers. I will also give you some suggestions at the end of this article.

Don’t ignore your instincts

And, one more thing. A very important one. Pay attention to the vibe you get when talking to the tattoo artist that you’re planning to choose.

I thought this was just me because when I make decisions in life the vibe is a very important thing to consider. The tattoo artist who finally gave me my first tattoo said exactly the same thing. So, in other words, go with your gut!

Prices for a tattoo in Cyprus

Prices differ from studio to studio, but most places will have a minimum price between 40 and 50 euros.

That’s because we use the same amount of equipment for a small or larger tattoo. Most studios also have a maximum day session price. In other words, the amount that will book you a full day with your artist”, explained Tony Mousarris, from InkBox Tattoo Studio in Larnaca. (you can find him as @49tats on Instagram and his associate as @panaostattoo)

He is not a fan of payment by the hour because your artist might work slowly, so you will pay more.

Best advice from Tony:

1. Shop around

2. If you get a good vibe from your artist and the price is fair for you, it’s usually the right price.

3. Never go cheap on tattoos! You have them forever, so choose based on artistry and quality, not low prices.

When should you get a tattoo when on holiday in Cyprus

If you have decided to get your first tattoo, then you need to know some things to make your life easier.

So, the expert says this:

We suggest you have your tattoo at the end of the holiday, so you can enjoy the sun/sea/pool. But if you want it before that, we also offer a protective membrane/film that can go over the tattoo and make it waterproof.

You will still have to avoid the sun, but you can at least swim ☺️”

The after care

If you’ve had tattoos before, then you know what you have to do to protect them. But if you have no idea it would be best to check this out, so you don’t end up regretting it.

49tats explains the following:

📌We use a protective film after the tattoo that you take off after approx. 2 hours.

📌For the first 2 days, you wash the area gently with soap and water, dry it, and add your tattoo aftercare cream. Do this every 4 to 5 hours. Thin layers so the skin can breathe.

📌Day 3 and for the next 3 to 4 weeks, keep using your cream every 4 to 5 hours, but there is no need to wash it each time. Only when you take a shower is fine.

🚩No sea, no sun, and no pool for 3 weeks minimum!

What can happen if you don’t respect the rules?

The worst case is that you pick up an infection. Also, your tattoo might not heal as well as expected. “If you do have issues, you should always consult with the studio right away”, says the tattoo artist.

Things that can prevent you from getting a tattoo

If you have certain skin issues and allergies, you better check with a doctor and ask for a professional opinion, before going to a tattoo studio.

Also, if you are on medication that thins the blood, then check with your doctor before proceeding.

Remember a tattoo studio is not a doctor’s office”.

What kind of tattoo artists can you find here

I think we have enough tattoo artists on the island to cover all tastes.

These are some of the tattoo artists from Cyprus that I am following, and I think you can find something here that you will like.

But keep in mind that most of them are really busy, so it is better to make your appointment before you arrive on the Island.

Vrontis Tattoo Shop
Raf Tattoo Art
Nicole Volt
Alya Huuzole_ink


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