foam party

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The Foam Party at Nissi Beach. A must on your holidays

Picture a hot day in Cyprus, then picture yourself at Nissi Beach, then all you have to do is go to the famous Foam Party at Nissi Bay Beach Bar.

And the good news is that you can do it today!!!

protaras film festival

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Protaras Film Festival. 19 days of movies in open air cinema

It looks like Protaras Film Festival will be a success. There are many good movies, perfect weather guaranteed and, for sure, lots of interested spectators who will come to enjoy their evenings.

events july


Cyprus events in July. Music festivals, concerts and movies

July events bring us The Film Festival in Protaras, with projections starting on the 12th of the month. Then we have live concerts with Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler and La Bouche and many music festivals all over the island. 

kataklismos 2024


Kataklysmos 2024 is here! Get ready for a weekend of fun

Get ready for one of the biggest celebrations of the year on the island, Kataklysmos. We have concerts, contests and parades.

In Larnaca the events will start with a parade, in Ayia Napa we have three nights of concerts and Protaras has the star singer for this year.

Let’s see what each municipality has prepared for this year.

boat trip

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Choose your perfect boat trip to Blue Lagoon in Ayia Napa

A boat trip is a must in Cyprus. You get to check out some sea caves, and some natural stone bridges and you can swim at the Blue Lagoon on the East Coast.

In this article, I will find out about the boat trips you can take from Protaras and Ayia Napa area so you can make the best decision.

events in cyprus in june


Cyprus events in June. Kataklismos, music, movies & parties

Kataklismos. This is the most important event on the island this month. The long weekend of 21-24 June will bring most of the locals to the beach, where we will have concerts to celebrate the event.

In June we will also have festivals, music and sports, and movies and dancing. And lots of parties in the clubs.

cyprus events in may


Cyprus events in May. Roses & classic cars, theater & music

If it is May, then it is festival time on the list of Cyprus events. You have the chance to see how the locals party and celebrate the traditions and the fruits and vegetables they are growing here.

Also, we start to have music festivals, theatre ones, and many other interesting events that will make you think twice about where you want to go at the end of the day.


Cyprus events in April. Marathons, music and art

Cyprus events give us a lot of running in April. But the most important event is the start of the summer season for this year. All will come alive starting the 1st of April, and it is not a lie. Hotels will open, bars and restaurants will set the tables and the beaches will be ready for all of us, locals and tourists.

So, let’s see what this month offers us, other than the sun and sea!

carnival paralimni

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Carnival Month is here! Prepare your costumes and let’s have fun!

Carnival time in Cyprus. Costumes are ready, music is prepared, we only hope for nice weather. We have two weekends ahead with parades in all the cities on the island. 

The fun will begin with Tsiknopempti, or Smoky Thursday. By the sea, on the hills, in the mountains, everywhere you will find large groups of Cypriots celebrating Tsiknopempti. The meat is ready and the bags of charcoal were prepared days before.

Then we will celebrate the carnivals and then we will finish with Green Monday.



Main events in 2024 in Cyprus

Music festivals and concerts, sports events, movies, and many more interesting and fun surprises await you this year on the island. For many of the events we don’t have a date yet since is too early, and part of the list I made considering what happened last year.

ed sheeran

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Ed Sheeran concerts in Cyprus – tickets from €115

You can now buy tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concerts in Cyprus next year. You can choose the day you prefer, Saturday – 7 September, or Sunday – 8 September 2024.

Prices for both concerts start from 115€ and can reach 180€. All tickets are subject to a 10% booking fee.

halloween party

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Halloween in Cyprus! Parties all over the island!

The end of October means Halloween. And this year, we have a few events on the island that you can attend. From parties in the park to a special dinner, from face painting to pumpkin carving, there is something for all tastes here on the island.

I have compiled a list and links for extra information if the event looks interesting to you. If you know of more events, you can add them in the comments for everybody to see!

The first round of Halloween celebrations will take place this weekend.

october events maroni street food festival


October events -the busiest month of the year!

The end-of-October events bring a lot of festivals and events that will make your days better and funnier. We have music, food, and some serious Halloween parties all over the island.

All you have to do is pick your favorite and have lots of fun!

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Check out the festivals in the following months!

We have a lot of music festivals here on the island until the end of October. Plus some food festivals and the Medieval one in Ayia Napa. So, plenty of events to choose from, and have some fun on your holiday in Cyprus!

There is Medieval Festival, Wine Festival and many more waiting for you to discover!

turtles hatch

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Turtles hatch on a busy beach in Cyprus!

How lucky to be to come for the first time in Cyprus, to be here on your first day, to go for a walk on the beach in the evening, and to find this- turtles hatch! And I was lucky to meet these nice people who told me about it and shared their pictures with me.

So far I was not lucky enough to find something like this, so I guess I will stick to snorkeling to find my turtles.

How to visit MUSAN

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How to visit MUSAN, the underwater forest in Ayia Napa

There is one thing that you can do on a hot summer day in Cyprus. You can pay a visit to the only underwater forest in the area! I will explain to how to visit MUSAN, have fun, and stay safe.

If you are a good swimmer and you have your scuba diving goggles and everything, then you can just go for a swim. But first, be sure that you visit the office of MUSAN there at the beach and talk to the guys.

events in July in Cyprus music festival 80 90

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Events in July in Cyprus. Sports, Film & Music festivals

July brings the Film Festival in Protaras, one music festival in Nicosia, and another one in Limassol. Plus the Watermelon Festival in Frenaros. And watersport events plus music in the villages! 

strawberry festival

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Why go to the Strawberry Festival? Because…

Because at the Strawberry Festival you will receive strawberries, strawberry liqueur, and pancakes for free, to test them. Because you will listen to good music and you will be able to dance, sit on the grass if you want and enjoy the atmosphere!

So if you’re going to the island for the next Strawberry Festival, I’d say put it on your #mustdo list when you’re in Cyprus!

protaras aquarium

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Protaras Aquarium. How to get there and how much is a ticket

It’s good to have visitors on the island because that’s how I get to see also “touristy” places. A few days ago, I entered the Protaras Aquarium for the first time.

I paid 15 euros for the visitation fee and entered with high expectations. I found a clean space, several aquariums with larger and smaller fish, many moray eels (of which I also saw in the water at the shore in Ayia Napa) a small crocodile, and a turtle that I understood had been rescued, that doesn’t see and would not have managed in the natural environment.

Events in June. Kataklysmos Protaras


Events in June. Flood Festival, strawberries & lavender

We have plenty of events in June. We start the month with one of the most important festivals on the island – Kataklysmos – that will give the signal that the summer is finally here. 
Then, at the same time, there is the Strawberry Festival in Deryneia. 

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Sunset at Nissi Beach. Music & happy people

The most beautiful beach in Cyprus, in the world’s top of the most beautiful beaches in the world, could not fail to have a sunset to match.

Nissi Beach is the liveliest beach in the east of the island before the sunset. You don’t really want to leave when you reach the “golden hour” when the music is still playing in the speakers and the “path” is waiting for you to walk to the island and back.

Classic Car Festival


Classic Cars & Boat Show. Events in May

This month brings two big events on the island. We have the Classic Car festival in Larnaca, where you can enjoy the beauties from the land, and then we have the boat show in Limassol, for the beauties on the water!

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Best 5 places to watch the sunset

I love the sunset. Maybe because it is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning to see the sunrise. But I honestly believe that the sky at sunset is the most beautiful spectacle that nature offers me. And if I catch one more evening with just a few stray clouds in the sky, I won’t move from the seaside until the mosquitoes – in the summer – or the cold – in the winter, drive me away. And I can’t get enough sunsets!

All the places on the list are on the East Coast, but I’m sure that wherever you choose to see a sunset in Cyprus, it will be very beautiful.

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Nissi Beach – let the fun begin!

The center of fun in Ayia Napa during the day is at Nissi Beach. Beach bars with loud music and DJs that maintain the atmosphere are sought after by young locals and especially by tourists who come to the island specifically for the “madness” here. Here you will find people of all ages who want to enjoy the clear and warm sea.

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MUSAN – the forest at the bottom of the sea

Ayia Napa has the world’s first underwater forest. In fact, it is the first museum with sculptures on the bottom of the sea – MUSAN – Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa. And because it’s underwater, we can only get there by swimming or, most certainly, by boat with those who do scuba diving in the area. The one who brought this “madness” to life is the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The whole project, from idea to realization, took about 3 years and in the end resulted in 250 tons of marine life-friendly concrete and metal art.