Flamingo birds in Cyprus. Where to find then and when

flamingo birds oroklini lake

The best place to see the flamingo birds in Cyprus is at Salt Lake Larnaca. But there are many other places and I will tell you which are they.

Flamingo birds will come to Cyprus after the first rain, when the salt lakes start to gather enough water so they can feed. How they know it, beats me, but they do. No rain, no lake, no flamingo.

In other words, the sooner we have the first heavy rains here, the sooner the flamingo birds will fly over.

flamingo birds paralimni lake

Where to see the flamingo birds in Cyprus?

📌The most popular place to see flamingo birds is at Larnaca Salt Lake. It is close to the city and the airport and it has another tourist attraction nearby – Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque.

It is easy to reach even by foot, if you walk from Mackenzie beach. Otherwise, you can get there with a rented car or the public buses that connect the city to the airport.

📌Very close to Larnaca you will find also Oroklini lake. It has also an observation point from where you can watch the birds.

It is a much smaller lake, so if there are flamingo birds there, for sure you can see them.

📌The salt lake in Meneou. It is at the end of the airport, at the entrance in the village. I have seen the birds many times there in the winter so if you go to explore the area, you have the chance to spot the birds also.

📌Akrotiri Salt Lake. This is close to Limassol and I think the best way to get there is with the car.

📌 Paralimni Lake is a place where you can watch flamingo every year. Sometimes they are coming close to the shore and there is a spectacular view. If you catch them flying, then it is like a dream come true.

📌Small lake in Famagusta city. If you cross the border and go to Famagusta, on the road that will take you out from the city, on the right side, there is a lake behind the residential buildings. One year I have spotted the flamingos very close to the shore.

When can you see flamingo in Cyprus?

Flamingo birds are coming in Cyprus sometime in November and they will usually stay till March. If the heat is late to come and there is still enough water in the salted lakes, then you have the chance to catch them here even in April and the beginning of May. But not very often.

flamingo birds paralimni lake

Where do flamingo birds come from?

Apparently, they are coming from North Italy, Sardinia and Iran salt lakes because the winter here is better for them.


Do not try to go to close to them because it will stress them!

Do not try to feed them!

Do not chase them!

Treat them with respect. Just because they are harmless it doesn’t mean we are in title to harass them.

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