Fish meze – how to try them all at one meal

Fish Meze

As far as I can tell, Cypriot cuisine is not as varied as Greek cuisine, but it has some dishes that you should not miss if you come to the island. Besides kleftiko, souvlaki, gyros and the famous hot sadwishes, you should try a meze. It’s not a dish they invented, but I’m sure they reinvented it to their heart’s content 🙂


Looking for a good meze

In Cyprus you will find two types of meze: meat and fish. Usually a portion of meat meze does not exceed 20 euros per person, and the one of fish and seafood is slightly more than this amount.

We happened to eat and leave the table hungry, we insisted on going somewhere else and it seemed ok, and finally we started to find the places where you can barely get up from the table.

So, at least for now, if we want to enjoy a fresh and super good fish meze, we visit Zephyros restaurant in Larnaca.


What is meze?

Maybe you will have the impression that the waiters are rushing you when they keep bringing you plates after plates. But I promise you that no one will take them from you if you do not touch them in the first minute after they have been delivered.

Fish meze starter
Fish meze starter

Practically, at the meze they will always bring you plates with seafood and fish to your table, in small portions, one after another. Even though it may seem a little at first glance, normally you can barely swallow everything in the end.

And, even if it’s not on the menu, dessert will come at the end – fruit or traditional jam and a coffee.

Usually, with the meat meze, a shot of zivania is also brought at the end, from the house.

And one more thing. I know it’s hot and maybe you are craving for a beer. But I found out that it is much better if you drink water and no alcohol. At most a good white wine, a Xinistery maybe… The food tastes better and your stomach will thank you in the end.


Meze with a view
Meze with a view


Now, what tip can I give you if you’ve never eaten before a meze:

📌Don’t rush to eat everything at first!

📌Do not devour the hummus and tzatziki salad!

📌Don’t eat the whole pita, because you’ll end up crying because you don’t have room to put in what’s next!

Take it easy, tactfully and patiently!








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