Fig Tree Bay, Protaras – not to be missed!

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras

Fig Tree Bay means fine sand, dreamy water and island to look at or swim to, palm trees on the shore and a few fig trees that have managed to survive on the slopes despite the development. Plus a dream landscape!

The name is derived from the fig trees that grew in abundance in the area in the past and of which only a few have survived until today.

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The best Mediterranean sea

Fig Tree Bay, clean waters
Fig Tree Bay, clean waters

Fig Tree Bay is one of my favorite places on the whole island. I haven’t been to all the beaches myself, but when it comes to going to a beach that even after ten years seems like a dream to me, then this comes first.

I think it’s perfect both for those who want to swim, for those who come to the sea with small children and need not too deep water at the shore for the safety of the little ones, and for those who simply want to laze around with a book in hand on sunbeds.

But if you still want to have a sunbed, you have to be there early. At least one of you should come to the beach, put the towels and then drink your coffee at the hotel or on the terrace of the villa.

You can also have a coffee on the beach, it even seems tastier, but each to their own preferences – you have a coffee shop, an international chain, right on the way to the beach. And if you’re worried that someone will steal your towel…NOT the case. This does NOT happen here. I don’t recommend leaving your phone in plain view, but a towel won’t tempt anyone.

Everything within reach

At Fig Tree Bay you will find two pontoons with boats, parachutes, jet skis and other water sports wonders that you can practice from morning until evening.

Watersports Fig Tree Bay
Watersports Fig Tree Bay

If you get hungry, you have two restaurants close to the beach. A few steps to the right you will also find a bakery where you can buy everything from sandwiches, salads, snacks to sweets and juices and just about everything else your heart desires.

Anyway, the main street of Protaras where all the restaurants and pubs and cafes are close to the beach though.

But don’t go barefoot because both the sand and the asphalt are super hot. In fact, I have seen tourists who take their special water slippers just to be able to walk from the sunbed or towel to the water.

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Accommodation in the area

If you decide you really like the area, you can stay at one of the three hotels that have direct access to Fig Tree Bay – Capo Bay, Nausica and King Jason.

Nausica Hotel, Fig Tree Bay
Nausica Hotel, Fig Tree Bay

There are also several villas for rent nearby, in the Jason 1 complex and in Blue Reef.

Otherwise, the beach at the end of the resort is easily accessible from either side, whether you come from the main street or the seafront cliff. If you choose to go there by bus, all you have to do is ask the driver to shout when he reaches his destination and you can’t miss it.

If you come by car, pass the second artesian well and turn left. If your stay is in the first half of August, you have to take into account that the area will be full of locals.

Wanted all summer

It is one of their favorite places and will be very busy. Only in one year did I make the mistake of going to Fig Tree Bay on August 15 – the feast of the Assumption, the peak holiday for the locals. I hardly found a free place to spread a towel, in a corner of the beach, next to the rocks.

Fig Tree Day on Kataklismos day, 2022

Fig Tree Day on Kataklismos day, 2022



Protaras practically came into existence after the invasion of the Turks in 1974, when Famagusta was occupied and, therefore, the most important tourist area in Cyprus were no longer available.

Fig Tree Bay in '70-'80
Fig Tree Bay in ’70-’80

This is how the first hotels began to appear in areas that until then were occupied only by farmers who grew potatoes and other vegetables.

In Protaras, the first hotels appeared around the 80s.

For example, the Vrissiana Hotel was built in 1981 and still exists today. Another old but recently renovated hotel is the Evalena, which was built in 1986.

The Nausicaa Hotel, which is in the Fig Tree Bay area, was built in 1983 and renovated in 2008.

Fig Tree Bay at sunset
Fig Tree Bay at sunset

This is if you were curious about how old are the first hotels built in Protaras that are still operating. Most of the hotels have been renovated in the last five years and some new ones have been built on the last unoccupied pieces of land in the resort.

Between Protaras and Pernera, on the secondary road that connects the two areas, there have appeared many villas built specifically to be rented to tourists. The whole area is now in continuous modernization.



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