Feeding the turtles=3 years in prison or 17.000 euros fine

feeding the turtles

We have the law, and we have the warnings online, but so far a haven’t heard of anyone being sanctioned because they are feeding the turtles. What we have are more and more stories that I am hearing from the tourists or the locals that the turtles are wounded or even dead.

Tourist attraction

It all started after the pandemic. Somehow, people began to feed the turtles just to have them close and to see them. But the turtles got used to it and now, apparently, are going towards the boats because they expect food. And like this, they risk being hurt or even killed by the boats or the sky jets.

So, if you are on the island, don’t feed them. Let them be!

And, by the way, they can bite you so hard that you will end up in the hospital for treatment. In case you thought that a turtle couldn’t hurt you!

What the law says about feeding the turtles

A person who violates the provisions of the Law is guilty of an offense and, if convicted, liable to up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to €17,000 or both.

Harassment also includes offering/providing food to bait sea turtles, so that they can be photographed or swim within close proximity of them.

You can check also the Facebook page  The Department of Environment and the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

I know that we all want to see the turtles, but a bot trip can be very intersting and without endangering marine life.

And if you realy want to have the chance to see them, you can always go to snorkel at Mimosa Beach and Green Bay area in Protaras. You have the chance to see them at their “house” and without puting them in danger. I g=had the chance to see them and it is worth the wait! 

👉  Mimosa Beach and the turtles house


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