Farkonas Restaurant &Pool Bar is a must on your holidays


Imagine a summer day in Cyprus, when the sun is up and melting the asphalt. Then, imagine you don’t want to go to the beach to find a sunbed and an umbrella to enjoy the sea breeze. Plus you are hungry and want something good to eat. 

But there is no reason to worry because you can always go to one of my favorite places on the East Coast, where you can find a pool and definitely can find a pool bar, but, most importantly – in my opinion – you can find a very nice restaurant where you can order a good meal or just a bite to relax on your holidays.

I am talking here about Farkonas Restaurant & Pool Bar, in Pernera.

It doesn’t matter what time you go, you will enjoy a good meal.


30 years of experience

This year Farkonas Restaurant & Pool Bar is celebrating 30 years of activity. When they opened their doors, there weren’t so many houses or hotels in the area, but things have changed in time and now they are in the center of Happy Street, as I like to call it.

Andreas Farkonas is the soul of this place. It all started as a family business and it still is the same these days. And the way he fixed the place a couple of years ago is very nice.

The restaurant area is cozy, with plants and nice lights in the evening.

Then we have the new bar area, which just invites you to sit there and enjoy one of their cocktails.

And if you feel like you want to have a more romantic evening, then you have the tables from the pool area that in the evening are perfect for a quiet and discreet dinner.


What you can eat at Farkonas Restaurant

At Farkonas Restaurant you will find international cuisine, and you can enjoy a Chicken a la Creme or a plate with nice Pasta, but also a homemade delicious Burger if this is what you fancy, or a nice Salad.

For day time, when you spend your time at the pool you can always order a Sandwich, toasted or wrap or a Pizza, just to pass your time.

And if you are a person who wakes up early, then you can start your day with breakfast there.

On the menu you will find some of the Cypriot/Greek dishes, like souvlaki or Mousaka.

farkonas kalamies

Where to find it

Farkonas Restaurant & Pool Bar it is located in Pernera, very close to Pernera Harbor and Saint Nicholas Chapel. And it is only a few minutes walk to the beach.

Plus, from here, you can have a lovely walk in the evenings on the promenade that connects Pernera to Protaras.

Here are some pictures to make you even more interested to go and check it out! 

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