ancient cemetery Makronissos Ayia Napa

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Makronissos, the ancient cemetery with a sea view

The ancient cemetery in the Makronissos area dates from 323 BC- 324 AD. The graves were used for at least 650 years and the first one dates from 2.300 years ago!

I’ve visited the tombs many times, but this time I was actually thinking that many human beings were buried here, a few meters from the sea…

visit dream places sea caves ayia napa

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How to visit dream places with only 5 euros

A little while ago, a friend came to visit Cyprus and on this occasion, I also found out how much it costs to visit the most important places in Ayia Napa with an organized trip. It is 50 euros per person with the Jeep to visit dream places along the coast line.

I will not comment on the price but offer you the cheapest solutions. First of all, if you are resistant to the heat, you can visit the area for only 5 euros per person per day.

sirena beach bay

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Sirena Beach Bay. Hidden gems in Protaras area

Sirena Beach Bay is a hidden gem in the Protaras/Pernera area. It is a small cove, protected from wind and strong waves, perfect for a cozy day at the beach.

50 meters of beach, not too sandy at the entrance in the water, though. Clear waters like everywhere on this part of the island.

Next to the public beach is a place called Serena, where you can enjoy a more fancy experience close by the sea.

Love Bridge Ayia Napa

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Must see in Ayia Napa & Protaras

Here is a list of what I recommend not to miss if you reach the East side of the island. I wrote a few words, added photos and put links to videos 😊 I hope there will be fewer and fewer people who will say “Aaaa, look, we should have gone here too!”, Or “If I knew, I would go and see this place too!”.

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa

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Ayia Napa, best place for fun!

Spain has Ibiza, Cyprus has Ayia Napa. Now, I haven’t been to Ibiza, but I’ve seen what’s in Ayia Napa in the summer. And I can tell you is the best place to have fun on this island! Ayia Napa is a popular choice for travelers of all ages. Accommodations are for all budgets and for all tastes. We have from hotels by the sea to ordinary apartments for rent.

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Fig Tree Bay, Protaras – not to be missed!

Fig Tree Bay means fine sand, dreamy water and island to look at or swim to, palm trees on the shore and a few fig trees that have managed to survive on the slopes despite the development. Plus a dream landscape! The name is derived from the fig trees that grew in abundance in the area in the past and of which only a few have survived until today.

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Nissi Beach – let the fun begin!

The center of fun in Ayia Napa during the day is at Nissi Beach. Beach bars with loud music and DJs that maintain the atmosphere are sought after by young locals and especially by tourists who come to the island specifically for the “madness” here. Here you will find people of all ages who want to enjoy the clear and warm sea. And especially walking through the water knee-deep to the island.


Fig Tree Day on Kataklismos day, 2022

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Protaras! Perfect for a family vacation!

Protaras is perfect for a family vacation! Places for your kids to play, many pubs to choose from for you but quiet enough to get some rest! From the very beginning, I saw the resort as the favorite place for the British, who spend more time in the hotel pools during the day and have fun in the pubs in the evening. It’s the place where I feel safe at any time of the day or night, where I’m not afraid to leave my phone in my beach bag and go swimming. The place where I can walk on the beach at midnight, alone, without looking over my shoulder.

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Cape Greco – what not to miss here!

Cape Greco is the place where you can enjoy beautiful waters, interesting landscapes and you can admire a dream sunset every night of the year. You can relax on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island – Konnos Bay – you can have fun at the cave of Ayios Anargirou, explore the rocky shore of the sea, swim in isolated areas or admire the brave ones jumping in the water at Sea Caves.

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Kalamies beach, a chapel and a dreamy view

Today I want to take you to a small beach, near Pernera harbot, with a nice view of the chapel on the seashore. And if you get hungry, one of the best fish restaurants on the island is only a few steps away. The fact is that it is very beautiful here. That is unless you’re looking for a perfect entrance to the sea, because you won’t find it here. But if you want to see some turtles, you’re in the right place.

Cape Greco plateau

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Perfect sunset at Cape Greco

Sun, sea and happy people. Boats sailing slowly towards the sunset, a “gentle” light, a “pok” from the cork of the champagne bottle and some timid applause at the end 🙂 This is what I found at the last sunset I saw up on the plateau at Cape Greco. Cape Greco is the place from where, at certain times of the year, you can see the sun setting quickly into the sea. I say quickly because in less than 5 minutes it disappears from the sky. Therefore, it would be good to come early if you want to have time to take photos and see the sunset.

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Nissi Beach, one of the best beaches in Europe

Nissi Beach is on the 4th place on the list of the best beaches in Europe made by Tripadvisor! Fig Tree Bay only got the 22nd place, but I say that it is not bad for such a small island to have two beaches in the ranking made by those who travel far and wide, even during the pandemic. In order to achieve this top, both the quality of the water and the sand, as well as the services offered on the beaches in question, were taken into account.

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Let’s daydream in Ayia Thekla

Ayia Thekla is an area where I go to admire the sea and the houses on the shore of the Mediterranean. In the Famagusta area, there are not many places where you can get a villa two steps away from the sea and have the sea at your fingertips, so walks in this place are often a reason to daydream: what if …

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Konnos Bay, a different kind of beach

The sea with the smell of pine forest. The color of the Mediterranean, a dream. Yachts moored in the bay. Happy people. Summarized in just two words – Konnos Bay!  Konnos is on the border between Ayia Napa and Protaras, in the Cape Greco area, on the eastern side of the island. And is definitely in the top of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. It is sought after by locals and is on the “must visit” route of tourists. If you want to enjoy the place, I recommend you to visit it during the week, when it’s not that busy.

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MUSAN – the forest at the bottom of the sea

Ayia Napa has the world’s first underwater forest. In fact, it is the first museum with sculptures on the bottom of the sea – MUSAN – Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa. And because it’s underwater, we can only get there by swimming or, most certainly, by boat with those who do scuba diving in the area. The one who brought this “madness” to life is the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor.