Eating off the table at Soukri in Protaras & Paralimni

This is the only place in the area where you can eat straight from the table. Here we are eating off the table, just a knife and fork and your fingers!

The first time I tried this place, years ago, I felt ashamed when I dropped some salad on the table… for about 2 seconds, cos after we all started to laugh. We WERE eating everything from the table, not from the plates!

Taverna Soukris opened a new place this year in Protaras, at the end of the streap, on the right hand of the road. It opens at noon and usually it can be tricky to get a table if you don’t make a reservation.

Eating off the table, but what exactly?

All you can! It’s the only advice that I can give. Try it all cos you can order piece by piece. Like the cheese balls and the zucchini balls are a dream, then you have pork and chicken skewers and then… but anyway, you will have the menu on the table!

And because of that, if you like something very much and you want extra, you can always add things to your order while you are eating.

I don’t know if they like it or not there, but many are doing it.

If you worry about the price, I can tell you that the bill for two eating there all they wanted was around 30 euros, which is a decent amount these days here.

If you happen to be on the island in the winter, you will find this taverna open in Paralimni, in the central area of the village.

🚩 Check more about Protaras – Protaras! Perfect for a family vacation!


Eating off the table

Eating off the table

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