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cyprus dessert loukoumades

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Loukoumades – Cyprus dessert of delicious doughnuts

You can choose your Cyprus dessert with all sorts of toppings and ice cream or, even better, some gelato. I am on a very difficult mission to try all the possible combinations I find and I have the feeling that it will take me a while to decide which one I like best.

fish tavern fish meze

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Where to eat: Koumbaris fish tavern, Zygi

It is good to know locals who like to discover good places to eat. That’s how we ended up in Zygi, looking for a fish tavern.

Koumbaris Fish Tavern is located by the sea and doesn’t say much if you look at it. But the food here and the price you pay for what you get are worth a visit.

Eating off the table

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Eating off the table at Soukri in Protaras & Paralimni

This is the only place in the area where you can eat straight from the table. Here we are eating off the table, just a knife and fork and your fingers!

The first time I tried this place, years ago, I felt ashamed when I dropped some salad on the table… for about 2 seconds, cos after we all started to laugh. We WERE eating everything from the table, not from the plates!


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Fish & Chips at Mr Cod in Protaras. A must try it once!

Fish & Chips is the last thing that we had when we went out for lunch. The place that serves it is well known among the British tourists and it is at walking distance if you are in Protaras.

Mr Cod will serve you a huge portion of cod fish with local chips for just 13 euros! It is tasty and it is more than enough to keep you going till dinner time.

Fish Meze


Fish meze – how to try them all at one meal

As far as I can tell, Cypriot cuisine is not as varied as Greek cuisine, but it has some dishes that you should not miss if you come to the island. Besides kleftiko, souvlaki, gyros and the famous hot sadwishes, you should try a meze. It’s not a dish they invented, but I’m sure they reinvented it to their heart’s content

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Tourist day in Katehomena

Delicious fish meze, virgin beach and something light to eat in the evening, in the old city of Famagusta. From time to time we cross the border into the occupied part to rinse our eyes there and try the Turkish-Cypriot cuisine. This monday we were in no hurry to leave long before 12 o’clock, because.. well.. the day off, sleep at will!