Easter on the island. Find out how Cypriots celebrate it!

I think I’m not wrong when I say that Easter is the most important religious holiday on the island. In the Christian world, most attention is usually paid to Christmas, but not in Cyprus.

On Easter evening, most Cypriots go to church. Beautifully dressed, regardless of age, they storm the parking lots around the churches. Without honking and with a lot of patience, everyone finds a place. Then, with candles in hand, they wait to take the light.

What struck me the first year here was that at Easter there are crackers and fireworks at every church. Not Christmas or New Year’s, but Easter.

Then, during this period, huge bonfires made at night are also traditional. I saw that the authorities are still trying to get rid of this “tradition”, but it’s a bit difficult.

After the light was taken and the fireworks were admired, everyone to their house.

Once they get home, they sit down at the table and eat chicken soup with pasta or rice and an egg-lemon mixture, flaounes (delicious cheese pastries), and crack the red eggs. All of this at night. The first and second day of Easter is spent with the family, with a lot of souvla!

Resurrection Night in Ayia Napa in 2022

The first day of Easter

Cypriots like to spend all important holidays with the family. And it’s easy to see who everyone is visiting by the number of cars parked around the houses.

And for the lunch, which lasts until the evening, they like to prepare a lot of food. All kinds of salads and most importantly, souvla is roasting on the grill. Lamb, goat, and pork. Or each according to taste.

But from what I noticed at the butcher shop, the lamb and the pork are in the place of honor, sprinkled with lemon, as usual.

Others choose to heat the traditional clay ovens in which they put the lamb and “forget” it there for at least 8 hours… so that the famous kleftiko comes out.

And in the evening, after everyone has eaten, it is time to go for a drive. Up and down, with a purpose, or simply to enjoy the scenery.

Now that I have introduced you to the spirit of the Easter holidays, I also say to you Χριστός Ανέστη – Christos Anesti, so that you can answer Aληθώς Anέστη – Alithos Anesti.

And Kαλό Πάσχα – Kalo Pascha to all!

Useful information

If you are on the island during Orthodox Easter, it is good to know that on Holy Saturday the shops will close earlier, and on Easter Sunday they are closed. If you are in a tourist area, you are lucky because some risk the fines and open, so you will have somewhere to buy things if you really need to. Restaurants and pubs are open and “happy” to welcome the customers.

From Monday, the program returns to normal everywhere.

Also, it is interesting to know that in Cyprus, Catholic Church will celebrate Easter together with the Orthodox one.

And you can find out more about it here 👉 Where to celebrate Catholic Easter in Cyprus 

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