Choose your perfect boat trip to Blue Lagoon in Ayia Napa

boat trip

A boat trip is a must in Cyprus. You get to check out some sea caves, and some natural stone bridges and you can swim at the Blue Lagoon on the East Coast.

In this article, I will find out about the boat trips you can take from Protaras and Ayia Napa area so you can make the best decision.

Choose your boat

We have all kinds of boats here for you to choose from. The ones where you can have fun with your kids, like the famous Black Pearl, the adults-only ones (not too many), and the ones good for all ages.

I believe that the best way to choose your boat is just by visiting the harbor and taking a good look at the boat. Then a search on the internet can tell you if it is the right one for you.

From where you can start the trip

We are lucky here on the East Coast because we have two harbors to choose from and a lot of boats. And if you like that much to go on a boat trip, then you can have two in two different areas with not too much trouble.

We have the Ayia Napa Harbor, from where you can pick a trip with Black Pearl, Yellow Submarine or a boat like Aphrodite II. Most of the boats will have two trips per day, so no worries if you’re not an early morning person and you prefer the sunset cruises.

Then we have the harbor in Pernera and the pier in Protaras to pick you fun on that side of the shore. You will find cruises for all and at least one just for adults. Just in case you want some quiet time.

All the boats will have a stop at Blue Lagoon in Cape Greco area, and will give you plenty of time to swim.

boat trip

What you see on Protaras boat trip

The first stop for most of the boats leaving from Protaras will be to show you from a distance, Varosha – the Ghost town from the occupied territories. Then, back again, on the shore you can check out Pernera resort from the sea and then Protaras.

If you are like me, then you will struggle to identify hotels and beaches, so have fun!

After you pass Fig Tree Bay you will find Vizakia beach and Green Bay area. Next is Konnos Bay and Ayioi Anargiroi chapel and cave then you will see the Shark Cave and without realizing, you will be at your final destination – Blue Lagoon.

What you see on Ayia Napa boat trip

The first stop once you leave from Ayia Napa Harbor will be at Love Bridge, then you’ll pass Ammos tou Kambouri beach, and then your next stop will be at the Sea Caves.

If there are no waves, the boats will go very close to the caves and you will have the chance to see the young one jumping from the cliff.

Then you will go around Cape Greco and end up at Blue Lagoon for the swim stop.

Just some of the boats will take you on a trip all the way to see Protaras shore also and Varosha, and for that, be prepared to stay on the sea for about 5 hours.

How much is a ticket

Prices start from 25 euro for adults and 15 euros for children.

If you want a trip that includes a meal and a drink, then prices start at 40 euros per person.

For a trip with a catamaran, the prices start from 69 euro per person.

An adult-only trip can cost 35 euro per person and you will also have something to eat and drink. One of these boats is Aretousa and you can take it from Protaras. 

If you want to treat yourself to a VIP sunset trip with a catamaran, then it is 95 euros/person.

For a fishing trip you will need around 50 euro for adults and 30 euro for kids and spectators.

If you want to see the boats and more detail, you can check on Protaras Cruises. It is a family run business and they can help you decide what is the best option for you. You can also find them in Protaras, at the boat pier.

Check the boat trip to Blue Lagoon Paphos

What NOT to do on a boat trip

I understand that everybody will love to see the turtles, but if you see the crew throwing lettuce in the water, please stop them, It will only hurt the turtles in the long term even if it will increase your chance to see these beauties.

There were many cases of dead turtles last year because they were getting used to being fed from the boats and they didn’t know how to be careful around them and ended up being hurt by the boats. 

🚩 See what the law says about feeding the turtles 👉 Feeding the turtles=3 years in prison or 17.000 euros fine

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