Camel Park Mazotos. Open all year around

Camels. Many camels. Fawns, deer, peacocks, rabbits, fish and.. at least a cat! In short, it is the Mazotos Camel Park, about half an hour’s drive from Larnaca.

It is a destination that I would not miss, whether I’m coming on the island in summer or winter, and especially if I have children with me. 

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All day destination

In addition to the animals here, you will also find quite generous and diverse playgrounds, a swimming pool that looks very good and a restaurant where you can eat if you get hungry.

Now, if you come in winter, you can forget about the pool, but all the other things I think make this place a great place to visit.

You can choose to feed the animals in the premises, you can even ride the camel, for a fee of course. It costs 5 euros for a large bag and 2 euros for a small bag of food, which you can buy at the entrance, where you also pay the access ticket.

If you choose to ride the camel, you will receive photos on the way out. You can also buy plush souvenirs from there.

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Perfect for a winter trip

We were there on a Sunday, and it was pretty busy with locals coming out for a breath of fresh air.
During the week, I suspect it’s not that busy, especially in winter.

I know that in the summer there are even trips to Camel Park, so it’s definitely much more crowded than now.

Due to the more than friendly temperatures in winter (somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees with sun), this place seems perfect to spend a day outside if you come to the island from November to March-April.


Access prices are:
– adults – 6 euros
– children – 4 euros
with access to the pool.

Camel ride:
– adults – 7 euros
– children – 5 euros

Donkey ride:
– children – 5 euros

The operating hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
And if you have additional questions, there is a phone number you can call: +357 24 991243


Riding camels

Other animals

Playground and other facilities

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