Blue Lagoon Paphos – the best Mediterranean blue!

Blue Lagoon, Paphos

The Blue Lagoon is the must see place in Paphos! With the shared boat or a rented one, you must see the most beautiful water of the Mediterranean!


The Blue Lagoon in Paphos has the most beautiful water in the Mediterranean. It’s a gorgeous blue, it’s clear, it’s not very difficult to reachle and it should be put on the must visit list in Cyprus. It’s true that I personally only visited the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus, but that’s what others who have walked on the shores of this sea say, so I believe them.

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The Blue Lagoon is on the Akamas peninsula in Paphos on the north side and you have a bit of a drive to get there if you are not staying in the Paphos area. It is in the less developed area of the island and that’s why it has a special, wild country charm.

Ever since I found out about its existence, I wanted to get to see it. And, as usual, I have to be careful what I wish for because it happens 😁


Blue Lagoon, Paphos
Blue Lagoon, Paphos

It’s a long way, but it’s worth it

In the summer time we only have one day a week to travel. So we had to cross the island literally in one day. It took us about 12 hours altogether, but it was worth it. (I say that I was not behind the wheel but sat comfortably on the left).

Latchi harbor
Latchi harbor

We live in Paralimni, so we have 214 km to Latchi, the place from where we embarked to the Final Destination – Blue Lagoon. We put about 40 euros worth of petrol. It was more than 3 hours of driving, that’s not counting the food stop we made in Paphos, at a fast food on Tombs of the Kings Avenue, let’s not waste too much time.

Then flee to Latchi. A GPS and wide eyes for road signs will help you a lot, because they are almost everywhere to guide you to get where you need to be.

The road to Pafos is ok, because you go on the highway. After that, however, in order to reach Latchi there is a normal road and you have to cross a smaller mountain. I was lucky and only caught one truck on the way up.

Around 1:00 p.m. we arrived at our destination – Latchi harbor. The parking was for free in 2021.


We went straight to the… “girls” selling boat tickets to get ours. I tried to make a reservation by phone in the morning at the numbers found on the net, but I didn’t have the luck to get anyone to answer me, so I kind of guessed.

I knew there were more boats and I said we would find one to take us too. And if not – we visit (again) the Baths of Aphrodite and run (again) to Argaka. 😁

Busy Latchi Harbor
Busy Latchi Harbor


We chose Blue Lagoon II boat because we liked the way it looked and it had good recommendations on Facebook. And we did well because we were two steps away from choosing a “private ride”. 6 other people came next to us on board!


How was the boat trip to the Blue Lagoon

I have to say from the beginning that the water in the Lagoon is phenomenal. The color is a special one and if only for that reason it is worth going there at least once. Although, if I were a tourist and could afford it, I would stay at least one night in Paphos if not in Latchi, because otherwise it’s a bit of a run and tiring.

The boat trip to get there is nice and I thought it was funny the ”race”with the boats that all left the port at the same time and seem to be chasing each other along the route. In the Ayia Napa-Protaras area I did not find the same feeling.


Only that the water from the Blue Lagoon in Paphos beats all the other blue lagoons on this island, so if you want to be impressed, this is the place to go. The swim break at the Blue Lagoon was only an hour, plenty of time to enjoy a swim and to watch the fish on a short snorkel.

If they would have left me there until the evening at sunset, no problem at all! It is too beautiful  not to wanna stay longer and enjoy the water and the view.

Needless to say, I was the last one out of the water! The ship we went with also has a slide, but because there were only 8 people, they didn’t open it. Not that I’ve used it myself, but you might be interested in case you end up there and want something like that.

Some, from other boats, tried the banana ride and others paddled around the area. There were also some with rented boats, because you can do that too and not be at the mercy of the boat with the schedule.

We paid 40 euros for this boat trip so I don’t even want to know how much a ride of several hours on the boat will cost.

On the way back to the port our boat went slowly, wich was perfect because we got to enjoy more of the beautiful Meditereanean blue waters and to sit in the summer breeze.

On the way home we also stopped to have dinner in the village of Mandria at the Klimataria tavern. This is our favorite tavern when we come to the area and here I never miss the Cypriot sheftalies.

All in all, I really enjoyed this trip and I hope to get to swim again at the Blue Lagoon of Pafos on another sunny day.


Facts. Or more technical data:

1. How do I get from Paphos to the Blue Lagoon?

From Paphos you reach Latchi on the E711 road. The road has one lane in the direction of travel and is in good conditions.

2. Do you reserve or just pick one there?

In principle, you can make a reservation after deciding which one you like. In practice, if you have clarified what time it leaves, you can also buy a ticket on the spot, as we did. We paid 20 euros per person.

3. Excursions by bus?

If you stay at the hotel in Paphos and Limassol (I don’t know if it also applies to Larnaca), you can choose a trip and go by coach to your destination in Latchi. From Limassol for example, the starting price is 50 euros per person.

4. Are you getting there by car?

You can venture there by car on the dirt road that leaves from Baths of Aphrodite and enters Akamas, but it is a dangerous one and there have been enough cases of tourists dying after falling off their ATV/Buggy into the sea.

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