Best 5 places to watch the sunset

I love the sunset. Maybe because it is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning to see the sunrise. But I honestly believe that the sky at sunset is the most beautiful spectacle that nature offers me.

And if I catch one more evening with just a few stray clouds in the sky, I won’t move from the seaside until the mosquitoes – in the summer – or the cold – in the winter, drive me away. And I can’t get enough sunsets!

All the places on the list are on the East Coast, but I’m sure that wherever you choose to see a sunset in Cyprus, it will be very beautiful.

Love Bridge – perfect for Instagram

On the edge of Ayia Napa, close to the Park of Statues, is the most easily accessible place in the resort where you can go to see a dreamy sunset. The place is crowded even in winter, and don’t be surprised if you see young ladies dressed nicely for photo shoots there. Therefore, in addition to the spectacle offered by nature, you will also enjoy other pleasant views.


Cape Greco plateau – superb view towards Ayia Napa

Here it is good to arrive early to get a good spot on the rocks on the edge of the cliff! There’s room for everyone, but if you’re also bringing a tripod for photos, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Remember that the sun only sets in the water during the winter. Even so, the view from the top of the East Coast is superb, especially if you catch a clear day without humidity. And don’t rush to leave after the sun goes down. Bring a blouse to protect yourself from mosquitoes and stay for at least half an hour extra. You will not regret it!

Sea Caves – gorgeous caves in the sunset light

Here I think I caught the most “cozy” sunset on the island. On the evening of December 31, with pleasant temperatures, the sound of guitars and young Cypriots who chose to enjoy life by the sea. Otherwise, the golden light that colors the caves at sunset makes it the right time to visit the place. And here it is equally sought after for Instagram lovers.

Ammos tou Kambouri – my favorite

Here is a small beach in a cove, with a boat on the shore for decoration and small clumps of cactus, a huge tree, and many, many cats. The palm trees on the side of the sidewalk also contribute to the image you will have if you choose to visit for a memorable sunset on the island. I like it here because it gives me peace and makes me feel like I belong here. The easiest way to reach this place is by walking from Love Bridge on the boardwalk. It is maybe 10 minutes to reach Ammos tou Kambouri.

Fig Tree Bay – dream atmosphere

Ok, from Protaras you will never see the sunset in the sea. But the way the sky looks at sunset and the light that will bathe the area to the sound of the music of the guys from Watersports… for me there is nothing more relaxing at the end of the day. And if you happen to be here in August – September, when it’s also a full moon, you won’t know which way to look – at sunset you have the fantastic sky above the resort, and a huge, round moon emerges from the water. I think it’s worth coming to the island during this period and only for this show that the Earth offers us year after year.

And since you are on the East Coast, check the other places that you don’t want to miss here 🚩 Must see in Ayia Napa & Protaras

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