Bank holidays in 2024. Seven long weekends to enjoy

bank holidays protaras

Bank holidays will bring us 7 mini holidays in 2024 in Cyprus. That means long week-end, a lot of travel abroad and busy days in Ayia Napa and everywhere else close to the sea. 

The most profitable month is March, when we have two Mondays off. So what we need to do is look for destinations for small escapes or things to do. Holidays on the island are enjoyed to the fullest by the locals.

Most of the time, if they don’t go for a drive on the island, or to visit relatives, then they go to the sea or to the mountains. If they spend the time with the family, then there must be at least one afternoon spent next to the souvla cook!

Being a tourist on Bank holiday on the island

If you are a tourist and you make the choice to go around the island on a bank holiday, you have to assume that you will spend many hours in traffic. I think the best thing to do on such a day, especially if it happens to be in the middle of summer, is to visit Nicosia. And that’s because the traffic is light in the otherwise very crowded capital, and the streets of the old town are occupied more by tourists. Most of the ”Nicosians” “migrate” to the sea in search of a breeze (not that there is any cooler place on the island during the summer). Taverns and restaurants are open, and where it is more crowded, the food is usually better.

Busy day on the island

I like it when it’s crowded on the island. I like to see that even though there is traffic, no one is nervous and there are no honks. I like to see people happy that they have time off and can enjoy the sun, the sea and life without nerves or worries. Furthermore, I like to hear Cypriots who talk loudly and a lot but don’t argue. I love seeing the happy children who are spoiled by their parents and grandparents because they are on vacation. And I also like that even though there are a lot of people, there is no mess, neither on the street nor on the beach.

List of Bank Holidays in 2024

January 1 (Mon) – New Year’s Day

January 6 (Sat) – Epiphany

March 18 (Mon) – Green Monday – the beginning of the Easter fast (varies every year, depending on the date when Easter is established) It is marked by going out for a picnic, to the mountains, to the seaside, everywhere, and eating fasting food, vegetables, salads, grilled fish and seafood.

March 25 (Mon)Greek Independence Day

April 1 (Mon)– Cyprus National Day

Mai 1 (Wed) – Labour Day

May 3 (Fri)–Orthodox  Good Friday – (varies every year, depending on when Easter is established)

May 5 (Sun) – Orthodox Easter Sunday 

May 6 (Mon) – Orthodox Easter Monday

June 24 (Mon) – Orthodox Whit Monday – Kataklismos –  varies from year to year – In Cyprus there is a great migration from the cities to the seaside tourist areas. Those who want peace, migrate to the mountains.

August 15 (Thu) – Assumption Day – the most important holiday during the summer. At least 10 years ago, nothing moved on the island for two weeks. Most Cypriots still have holidays during this period, but companies don’t close completely like they did at least 10 years ago.

October 1 (Tue) – Cyprus Independence Day

October 28 (Mon) – Ochi Day – 1940 – Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini asked Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas for permission to occupy Greek territories and was refused. It marks Greece’s entry into World War II.

December 24 (Tue) – Christmas Eve

December 25 (Wed) Christmas Day

December 26 (Thu) – Boxing Day

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