Ancient city with million dollars view

Cetatea romană cu vedere de milioane

Kourion has Roman mosaics, a gladiator house, one for the Nymphs and a big basilica. Minutes away form Limassol.

House of Eustolius
House of Eustolius

And if that didn’t convince you that it’s a good place to visit, know that the Kourion city is also mentioned by Herodotus. In other words, it’s serious history here, no joking around!

View with the Basilica
View with the Basilica

📌Here is a video with the archaeological site of Kourion  👇

4.5 euros for 2000 years of history

The route to the archaeological site is very well signposted and the entrance costs only 4.5 euros per person. If you come here in the middle of summer, don’t forget to use sunscreen, have something to wear on your head and take cold water with you.

Who can resist a selfie wih such a view
Who can resist a selfie wih such a view

The vestiges spread for several hundred square meters and the temperatures in the middle of the summer rise to over 30 degrees just after 8 o’clock in the morning. Just so you know what you will be up to if you decide to go on a trip.

Visiting schedule during the summer is 08.15 – 19.30.

📌You can find more details on the website 👉 Antiquites department

Eustolius House and The Theatre

The most famous image from Kourion is the one with Eustolius house and the roman mosaic on the floor.

The house was built at the beginning of the Roman Empire and remodeled in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

At first it was a private house but then, after it was enlarged, it was opened to all the inhabitants of the city.

Right next to the house of Eustolius is the Theater. What we see now has been mostly redone in our days. But the first stones there were put in the 2nd century BC. In those days it could fit about 3000 people that most probably were watching gladiator fights.

Kourion Theatre
Kourion Theatre

Because it was damaged by strong earthquakes, it was abandoned in the 4th century AD.

Earthquake house

Follow the signs and paths and  you will arrive at the Earthquake house. It was destroyed in 365 AD completely, but archaeologists found objects there that showed what life was like in those times. All on display at the Kourion Museum in Episcopi (also well signposted).

Early Christian Basilica

From Earthquake house you will reach the Church from the early period of Christianity. From what still remains it is seen to have been quite an imposing structure and has been dated to the early 5th century AD. It was decorated with wall mosaics, marble sculptures and floor mosaics.

The Agora

There were several public buildings and hydraulic installations here.

The Stoa – covered pathway

In ancient Greece there were such places in the cities and they were accessible to everyone. At Kourion there were 16 columns, of which 6 were discovered still standing.



The northeastern Hellenistic public structure

It is the oldest construction discovered at Kourion. Archaeologists have found that three phases of construction are visible: 325-200 BC, 200-100 BC and 100-50 BC.

The Roman Nymphaeum

It takes up most of the Kourion complex, if the show maps are anything to go by. I don’t know how many daughters Poseidon had – the God of the Sea in Greek mythology – but it’s clear they needed a lot of space! The area is full of rooms and bathrooms and irrigation systems used for the entire city. The constructions are from the 1st century and everything was destroyed in the 7th century, during the Arab attacks.


Gladiators House and Achilles House

At Kourion, towards the end, you will find another Christian house, the house of the gladiators and the house of Achilles, the one with the heel.

The names for the last two were given after the mosaics discovered in some of the rooms.

Gladiators house
Gladiators house

Now, I no longer say that I stopped at the gladiators and did not go to visit the famous Achilles. It must have been form the heat… 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ But don’t do like me, because there are only a few meters more to walk.


And bonus, if you catch a day with a bit of wind, you might even be lucky enough to see someone paragliding.

Because there are two places in the area where enthusiasts can launch and float to admire the scenery.



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